Jan 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways To Get Through The Rest of Winter

There was no official topic for Ten on Tuesday so my friend Carole suggested 10 Ways To Get Through The Rest of Winter. She has such good ideas. Let me know if you'd like to be on the list for our alternate list subjects. Here's the list:

  1. Bake bread - filling your home with wonderful, inviting scents makes you feel so nice and cozy and almost makes the cold outside bearable.
  2. Read a good book. Right now I'm reading Sophie's Choice by William Styron. It's not exactly light reading but the mystery that's next on my list is.
  3. See a few good movies - remember the Oscars are coming soon. I like to see as many of the movies that are up for awards as possible.
  4. Get some pretty flowers for your table. They're a lovely reminder that spring is just around the corner.
  5. Look for and revel in the little surprises like this cardinal that I saw in my yard this morning. If the trees were full of leaves I may have missed it altogether.
  6. Cardinal
  7. Take a vacation - preferably somewhere warm.
  8. If you can't get away right now then start planning for the summer. I find that having something big to look forward to makes anything more bearable.
  9. Go skiing - Ok, maybe that's just me. Can you tell that I'm still jonesing to get on the slopes again?
  10. Have a family game night. We love this. We gather around the table an play Life, or Monopoly, or Apples to Apples while drinking hot beverages and the time just flies.
  11. Knit - it's the perfect indoor activity and you can make more wooly things to keep you warm if you are forced to go outside.

How will you get hrough the rest of the winter?


Carole Knits said...

I like your list, it's very similar to mine. How are we going to handle the Oscar thing now that there will be 10 nominees for best picture?!?

JessaLu said...

Great list! I thought about putting skiing on mine but we locals like to avoid the slopes due to them being overrun with obnoxious tourists. ;op