Jan 27, 2010

Mystery Knit

My hot glue gun was once one of my favorite toys. Not anymore!
I'd love to write long, inspirational posts about my current knitting but it turns out that it's way easier to knit with a monster blister on one's right index finger than it is to type. So, to save you from an avalanche of type-os I'll just share a picture of the knit I finished last night. It's an extreme closeup but I'm guessing that many of you can figure out what it is pretty fast. I'm hoping that this will dry by tomorrow when temperatures here are supposed to dip and snow will fall once again.



Manise said...

Yup I can tell! Lots of drapey cabley love. :-) Nice color too.

Carole Knits said...

I kind of have an idea. Love the purple.