Jan 13, 2010

The First or Last Finished Object - Slippers For Me!

As I closed out 2009 I was working madly on one lonely gift. At some point I realized that it was going to take longer to complete than I had planned so I switched gears and decided to make something else for this giftee. Slippers! Good plan - poor execution. There were issues with excess shrinkage and with distractions like... my own cold feet. So, while a certain package is winging its way to Indiana (Yes, I do know that Hanukkah was last month - what's your point?) I'll share the slippers I made for myself.


DSC_0969I first favorited the French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi way back in October - before she even had the pattern out there. This pattern spoke to me. Want! Need! Must have! I can't explain why it took me so darn long to finally sit down with it.

These slippers are my second try at the pattern. The first ones were a pretty heathered gray but they were a bit over felted so they will go to Stinkette's friend who has the narrowest feet ever. Stinkette thinks this is great and wants to pick the buttons for them.

Anyway, I did a better job with my second try at the pattern. I used Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in a gorgeous color called Dark Indigo Heather. I really love this stuff. It's soft and pleasant to knit with and it felts like a dream.

The pattern itself was well-written and easy to follow but I'm not a huge fan of all the sewing up. At least I didn't have to worry about sewing it up neatly because felting hides a multitude of sins. I love felting!


These slippers are done - buttons have been attached and the sole has been coated with plasti-dip. They fit reasonably well and look very cute on my feet. I'll wear them and enjoy my nice toasty toes. I just wish they stayed on a wee bit better. I suppose that's the price of fashion. They'll look excellent falling off my feet.

So here's the question. If you do all the knitting in 2009 but you don't complete the finishing touches until 2010 then are they the first Finished Objects of 2010 or the last of 2009? Either way seems like a bit of a cheat.


Carole Knits said...

I'd call 'em 2009. They are adorable and I love that they will look excellent falling off your feet!

Laurie said...

I'd call them 2009 also. The knitting was done in the prior year.

I'm so tempted by those. But the front loader sez no.