Jan 14, 2010

Tried and True Slippers

I'm hoping that my timing on this post is correct and that the gift arrives the same day these slipper debut on the web. It would stink if I ruined the surprise.


After abandoning one gift project and enduring a crash and burn on the second, I decided to return to the tried and true for my third attempt at a gift for my S-I-L. These are the Mohair Ballet Slippers (minus the mohair) by Bev Galeskas. You may recall that I made DQ a pair of these about 2 years ago. She still loves hers so I just re-applied more Plasti-Dip to the soles.


For my S-I-L's slippers I chose a brighter color because she's a happy kind of person. It's Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in a color that may be Summer Fuscia. And I added a few little flowers using some left over Koigu from long ago socks.

Let's hope that she likes them.


Carole Knits said...

Those are wonderful. The color is fantastic and the little flowers make them extra special.

Sarah said...

I love those! They are so bright and fun. I have thought about that pattern from time to time. I might need to give it a go once I finish a few more things.

Acai said...

Well, I might need to give it a go once I finish a few more things.

Manise said...

Those are wicked cute! Love the addition of the orange flowers.