Jan 11, 2010


IMG_2989[1]How can it be Monday again? It seems like I lost a whole weekend somewhere. One minute it was Friday night and I was playing Bingo with Stinkette at her school and the next minute it was time to wake up for work. Oh well. At least my girl won a movie prize pack at Bingo. Tickets and treats! She was so happy.

Anyway, now it's Monday again and I'm wondering if it's too soon to start counting down to Friday and if I can avoid frostbite this week. It's way too cold out there.

At least my feet should be warm. I've finally put the finishing touches on my new slippers and some for someone else and there are 2 socks and a sweater making ok progress.


Carole Knits said...

I think it's because it was a regular 2 day weekend and not the 3 day weekend we've been spoiled with for the last couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I start the countdown to Friday before I even get out of the driveway on Monday mornings :-) Weekends go by too quickly!