Jan 7, 2010

Mitts For Me - Finished in '09

Did I ever show you these? Reading Carole's post yesterday reminded me that I had never gotten around to showing these fingerless gloves off even though they've been finished since October!


Part of the delay in posting these is that I had to wait for a good day to take pictures. Finally we had a day with sun when DQ could fit in a few moments in front of the camera.


Then Stinkerbelle crashed the photo shoot. I guess she was happy to have DQ around too.


But I digress. These gloves were made from the Susie's Reading Mitts pattern by Janelle Masters in yet more DIC Classy (Night Watch is the color). I love these gloves and I wear them often. If I made another pair I'd probably make the thumb a stitch or 2 larger but that's a very minor thing.



Carole Knits said...

They look beautiful! We sure do have similar posts these days!

margene said...

Love the blue and the pattern, too!

Manise said...

Nice marriage of yarn and pattern!

LeAnn said...

I just finished a pair of these last weekend for a gift. I loved them so much that I cast on a pair for myself tonight. I love yours.

Laurie said...

The blue is wonderful! Yes, I made the thumbs two stitches larger, and it helped. I like the definition of the pattern with your yarn.

Anonymous said...

VERY pretty!!