Oct 27, 2010

Sea Spires

Have you seen Knit.Sock.Love. yet? The hard copy doesn't come out until late next month but the pdf went live on Sunday and I got a copy that day. I gave to say that I think offering the book in pdf is brilliant because now I can just print out the patterns as needed. I'm getting a hard copy too and if you order it now through her website she's got a special deal for getting both.


When you do get the book check out page 173 where you'll see me listed in the credits as one of the test knitters for the Gothic Spire pattern. I was so excited when I was accepted as a test knitter. I may have danced around a little. It was back in June and my M-I-L was visiting and she must've thought I was nuts.


Anyway, after considering a few different, dark and moody skeins of yarn in my stash at the time I settled on something that was happy and light instead. The yarn is Woolen Rabbit Sock Yarn in Sea Dreams and it was so perfect for this project. I love the way the stitches show up in it. With patterns like these you really want to be able to see the details and they kind of pop in this yarn.


Now that the book is finally out I've got so many new patterns to consider. Many patterns in the book were available elsewhere before but I didn't have them so they're new to me. I like having them all in one place and of course the 7 new patterns in the book are pretty cool too. I have a skein of yarn caked up and ready to go and I'm just trying to decide between Stricken and Pointelle. Either way I'll be casting on one of them later today. I can't wait.


Carole Knits said...

Those socks are beautiful. And isn't Kim's yarn great? I love the colors she uses and the base yarns are awesome. Congrats on being published!

margene said...

Beautiful! The pattern looks complicated and fun to knit. Kim's yarn is the best!

Sarah said...

Yay! Congrats on being a test knitter. You did great. Those are gorgeous socks.

JessaLu said...

Those are lovely!