Oct 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween

So are you ready for Halloween?

We're tring but it's not going so smoothly. The candy is bought but I'm not sure where it went. We have 3 very large pumpkins but they're not carved yet. We did get a scary spider that will drop down and scare people - when prompted.

Then there's the matter of the sign on our front door. Nobody knows where the "V" went. I guess it's ok because DQ was kind of worried about laying out the welcome for the local blood suckers.


Perhaps this weeks list will help me get in the right frame of mind for Halloween. Let's talk about 10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween.

  1. Get a bunch of candy for trick-or-treaters
  2. Make sure to get extra candy for yourself
  3. Get some cool looking gourds. I love how they look in a bowl on the table.
  4. Take the kids around the neighborhood trick-or-treating - it's good exercise.
  5. Eat candy while the kids are going door to door.
  6. Go to the pumpkin patch - you can pick your own pumpkin, eat apple stuff and have good, outdoor fun.
  7. Carve a pumpkin - so much fun
  8. Make pumpkin bread from the stuff you remove from the pumpkin.
  9. Get costumes - I still need to take Stinkette for hers. She is obsessed with finding the right one.
  10. Make your spouse wear something weird. I love to get funny noses, sombreros, Halloween shirts, and other things to make my husband wear when we take the girls trick or treating. What will I do when they get too old to need us to walk with them?


Carole Knits said...

Here's something funny- I haven't bought our candy yet!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Love #10! One year I got DH Nerds PJs and thought he could go to his computer engineering job as a "nerd" but wouldn't wear them outside the house, sadly.