Oct 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things In Your Freezer Right Now

Today it's all about what's in our freezer. It may seem like a totally innocuous subject to most but for me it feels a wee bit like harassment. See, my freezer isn't as full as it could be because I've been too busy to do the grocery shopping. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, someone (could've been me) left the freezer slightly ajar last night which has made what is in the freezer kind of a mess. Ugh. Hopefully the elves will come and fix the situation before I get home today.

Anyway, here's the list:

  1. Ice cream - Always! There's cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, black raspberry and more. You can never have too much ice cream.
  2. Tortellinis - DQ loves them as a quick meal before dance or drama practice or anything else she's doing.
  3. Ice - Oh do we have ice! Our ice maker churns it out day and night and we consume it as fast as we can.
  4. Butter - You never know when you'll have a sudden need to bake cookies.
  5. Meat - We keep kosher and buy much of our meat at a butcher in Maryland which is a bit of a hike so we keep a ready supply of meat in the freezer.
  6. Ice packs - We've got more of these now that Stinkette is playing softball. Every weekend we have to load up the cooler and ice packs are a must for keeping the food cold during marathon tournaments.
  7. Blintzes - Cheese and Blueberry. I just love them.
  8. A frozen Quiche from Trader Joes - For lunch of course.
  9. Leftovers - not much but I think that I saw some chili in a container in there. Or was that lasagna? Hmmm... if I don't know what it is then it's probably been in there too long.
  10. Waffles - Until recently this was Stinkette's favorite thing for breakfast but the braces on her teeth have her rethinking the crunchy, toasted, waffles.

Speaking of Stinkette, she was in a softball tournament last weekend while I was away. It was so hard not being there to cheer her on. Instead I got updates after each game telling me how the team did and some highlights.

I should mention that her team is very new and, since they play against more established teams that practice every day (we don't) we expect that it'll be a while before they really start doing well. Mostly we parents try to support the girls and keep their spirits up when they lose and remind them that they're only going to get better.


And then this weekend they won! They beat the team sponsoring the tournament in the championship game. I was so happy for them and I desperately wished that I was out there at the field to witness the unexpected vistory rather than driving down a highway hundreds of miles away. Here is the medal Stinkerbelle got. It looks kind of generic from the front but he really good stuff is on the back. Later this week each player will get to take a picture with the big-ass trophy. Gotta frame that one!


Carole Knits said...

Congrats to Daria's team for their victory!

margene said...

How wonderful to win a medal! Blintzes! It's been too long.