Aug 10, 2006

Canoeing and finding fiber

This should be the entry where I show you pictures of our wild and wonderful canoe trip last Saturday. It’s not. Why? Because I had the forethought to bring a one of those waterproof disposable cameras with us on the trip instead of my digital so I don’t have the pictures yet. It’s a good thing though, since we capsized a few times many times over and over again. My black and blue butt will heal way better than the digital camera would have.

When I finally finish all the pictures on the camera and get it developed I’ll try to casually work the photos into a post – probably about something totally unrelated. Perhaps it will be something on the order of “hmm… short row heels, that reminds me of the time that we went canoeing and…” In every day conversation I tend to digress to the point of forgetting the original point. Why should this be any different?

I’m not sure that the pictures will be any good anyway. I can tell you about the trip though. It was wicked fun! I love canoeing. It’s really weird because I’m totally un-athletic and I totally suck at all other strenuous activity. (Did I mention that I was the slowest person on the hike up Loblolly Trail? Yep, that’s me – perpetually bringing up the rear.) Anyway, canoeing just agrees with me. It’s a good thing too, because Stinkerbelle was my canoeing partner and… let’s just say that she’s more helpful when she keeps her paddle IN the canoe.

We were canoeing on the South Branch of the Potomac and the water was very low that day. They need rain desperately. The low water level meant way more portage than usual which was ok until one of hubbo’s flip-flops broke. Portage over slippery rocks with one bare foot is no fun. We were rewarded for our perseverance by sightings of wild horses (too cool), turtles, fish and a Golden Eagle. I didn’t see that last one but DQ and hubbo did.

On Sunday, we started our trip home a bit earlier than I had anticipated. The Drama Queen was anxious to talk to her buddies after a month away and hubbo was worrying that all our stuff wouldn’t fit in the car. Once the car was packed there was nothing to do but head home at a nice, leisurely pace. That allowed us and unscheduled stop at the Lost River Craft Cooperative and Museum. What a good call!

P of T handspun I stepped through the door and something immediately caught my eye. Fiber! It was down at the end of the aisle immediately to right. I found a little bit of handspun – the blue is indigo dyed wool and the brown is a wool/silk in its natural color. The buttons are deer antlers and, after seeing so many deer during the visit, I couldn’t resist them.
Basil Coopworth

I also bought this ball of fiber for $4. I thought that sounded very reasonable. It’s Coopworth and it’s really nice and soft. The best part is that when I paid for my fiber treats the woman at the register told me that Priscilla, who spun the yarn, was working downstairs in the museum that day. She only works on Sundays. How lucky for me! I went down and introduced myself and, when I mentioned that I was buying the fiber in the hope that I’d learn to spin it some day, she offered to teach me on the spot. Hubbo was off touring the museum so I ran to the car and grabbed my spindle super-quick.

It was a quick but very helpful lesson. She demonstrated first and then watched me try while correcting my technique and form a bit. I have quite a way to go but I’m not afraid to pick the spindle up any more. I would love to have stayed longed but the family was getting restless so we hit the road again. As I mentioned earlier, the car was already jam packed when we stopped at the LRCC so my new treasures had to ride home on my lap. It was ok though, because in addition to the fiber, I bought this lovely new tea pot. It doesn’t photograph well so you’ll have to take my word for it – it’s beautiful. It has impressions of leaves and things all around it that have been highlighted with touches of green and brown and frogs are affixed to the side and handle. I love it.


I was just doing my bit to support the local economy.


Melissa said...

How awesome to stumble upon fiber!!

Krista said...

What an amazing tea pot! And what a great opportunity to have a private spinning lesson.

Elspeth said...

I love the teapot! I had a friend I met in L.A. who had gone to college in MD and she said that I was definitely from MD because I liked craft fairs! We have very very lame ones here.