Aug 15, 2006

My Sad Old Scarf

You may have noticed the Funky Scarf Swap button that magically appeared in my sidebar. I’m pretty excited about it for a bunch of reasons but one stands out above the rest – the replacement factor. The scarf that I currently use is boring and old and desperately needs to be replaced. Answering the swap questionnaire is important but a quick discussion of my current scarf may be helpful too.
Tied ScarfThis is a picture of me in the scarf this morning. (Don’t-cha love the extra chin?) Understandably I cropped most of me out of the lovely picture that the Drama Queen took of me this morning. I’m not really important in this picture anyway – the scarf is the star. I’m wearing it here in typical fashion – folded double and wrapped around my neck with the ends pulled through the loop created by the middle of the scarf. It gets cold here in DC and I really do use the scarf for warmth. Wearing it like this puts lots of layers of scarf around my neck which feels so cozy. Some days, when it’s not quite cold enough for the scarf, I take it with me “just in case” and on those occasions I drape it around my neck, as a single long piece, and loosely tie it midway down my chest. I like it both ways.
Scarf Detail I also took a detail shot of the scarf. It’s a cabled cotton deal that I’ve had forever. I think it may have been fluffier or creamier when I got it but I’m not sure. I’ve had this scarf forever! I truly can’t remember where it came from or when. I’m fairly certain that it predates my kids but beyond that I couldn’t say.

Looking at the scarf you may wonder why I’ve kept it around so long. Good question! I do have other scarves but I rarely use them. One comes to mind immediately – a black and taupe striped chenille number. It’s nice but not nearly long enough and then there’s the chenille factor – I guess I’m just not a chenille girl. I’ve looked for replacements but nothing ever seemed quite right – wrong length, color, material. After I started knitting I often thought of creating a replacement but I just never got around to it.

I’ve got a few photos to take tonight so that I can answer the questionnaire tomorrow.

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