Aug 23, 2006

Not So Random Thoughts

I’d call this post random but apparently randomness is a bad thing these days. At least that’s the message I get from the Drama Queen often who tells me, in her most exasperated tone of voice, “Oh Mom, you’re so random!” Usually this is in response to some suggestion or humorous remark I make to her. On second thought, given the inordinate amount of joy I take in teasing my daughters, I suppose that there are worse things they could call me than random. Can you tell how much I miss them?

I might not be missing them quite so much if they called but, then again, maybe not. Actually I’m fairly pleased that they haven’t called. Pleased may not be the right word – more like encouraged. I take the lack of phone calls as a positive sign. Clearly, they’re too busy having fun with their cousins to call me and that can only be a good thing.

Never-the-less, the house was very quiet last night when I got home so, instead of working on Seraphim, I went to a movie at the local cheap theatre. I saw The Break-up which may or may not have been the best choice. I was feeling a little annoyed about a certain person who went on a golf outing while I went to work. Not fair! (He was still not home at 7:15pm. Humpf!) It was a cute movie that had it’s moments but, as someone said to me today, it hit a little too close to home. Not the breaking up part but the way that men and women behave. I expect that most of us know of women who drop hints instead of coming right out and saying what they want. Maybe we’re guilty of it ourselves from time to time. Who doesn’t know a guy who clings to his adolescent side just a bit too tightly?

I guess that I was hoping the movie would be a little lighter. I knew that the reviews weren’t great but still…

Thankfully the movie only cost two dollars so it’s not too bad. I came home and did 2 more rows on Seraphim. For those of you keeping score – I still have yarn left. Thanks for all of the good wishes and confidence that you’ve expressed about my dilemma. I still haven’t heard a reply from the person who dyed the yarn. I’m sure I’ll feel better when I do. I think I should be able to go another 4-6 rows which will leave me short by 20 rows.

I’ll be working on Seraphim and turning the heel on my second pair of Trekking socks while I watch Project Runway tonight. This is the first season that I’ve watched and I love it. Speaking of good TV I ought to revisit the Emmy that I showed you on Monday. A few people asked about it so here’s a little more info. As I said, it belongs to hubbo’s cousin. I’d name her but I’m not sure how she’d feel about being mentioned on the blog. I also don’t want too many family members finding the blog and putting her name on it could result in accidental googling. I can say that she got it for her production work on a VH1 special for World Aids Day in the mid 90’s. Since then she’s done writing for Scrubs, Must Love Dogs and other shows that you’ve probably heard of. Perhaps that makes me cool by association.

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