Aug 28, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere!

trek-walkerI finished this sock over the weekend and hubbo says it’s the most comfortable sock ever. I started sock number two right away before I could lose my momentum. I thought I’d have more knitting news than that to report today but yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned.

I started the day early. I just couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious to have my girls home. I intended to stay home and knit while I waited for my girls to get home but I couldn’t focus. I also couldn’t decide what to knit next – everything I want to do has some fatal flaw. I kept dragging out my books and looking at projects and then putting them away again. I felt restless and excited.

Shortly before noon the phone rang. It was the security company reporting that an alarm had gone off at my dad’s house. Remembering that my dad said something recently about false alarms, I didn’t think much of it since they had no specific information. A short time later my dad’s neighbor called me. He had the scoop and it wasn’t good.

Sometime during the long weekend that my dad spent in Connecticut, a pipe failed on the third level of his townhouse. It flooded the house completely. Water started pouring out of his garage and even escaped through the siding on the house. By the time he saw it yesterday afternoon, the ceiling in the living room had come down completely, ruining the contents. There is no official word yet but it’s likely that the whole place will need to be gutted.

My dad lives a pretty spare life but it still sucks to lose everything you own. It’s especially lousy because he’d bought it as new construction and only recently started to put his own stamp on it – adding color and replacing the countertops and floors.

Thankfully, my dad didn’t have his cell phone on in the car so I was able to tell him the news in person when he came to drop my daughters off. Hearing about it during the 7 hour drive home wouldn’t have helped anything. A distracted driver is never a good thing. He’s staying with us for the time being and I’m happy to live close enough to help him out.


Melissa said...

Your poor dad!! I hope everything gets worked out for him soon.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Your poor dad! Yikes!