Aug 21, 2006

Oooo... Emmy

Saturday Sky 8-19-06 I took this picture on Saturday morning with every intention of posting it but, as you’ll hear, the weekend was a little more exciting than expected and I just never got anywhere near a computer.

I was in New York again this weekend and it was a great visit. Ironically, it was wonderful for the very reasons that made leaving NY a relief. That’s probably about as clear as mud. We moved away from NY nine years ago and it was like a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. I love my family but we had so much of it in NY and they demanded so much of our time that we had no time for ourselves. This weekend we flew from one visit to the other non-stop all weekend and on Sunday night we returned home to Virginia, we were tired but full – like you are after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not just the turkey people – it’s the family.

When this trip up North was planned months ago, we couldn’t have foreseen how perfectly timed it would be. My grandmother has been ill recently. I didn’t mention it because I was in full-on denial - I couldn’t even think about it so I pretended that it wasn’t happening. She had passed out a little over a week ago and fell which landed her in the hospital for a few days. I’m happy to say that she’s home now and, although she got pretty banged up, she’s doing well. Hubbo asked her how she was feeling and her response was “Fragile.” I sat and talked to her for hours on Saturday and it was wonderful.

The purpose of this trip was to meet up with my sister who took my daughters back to Connecticut with her. Stinkerbelle and The Drama Queen will be with their cousins for the next week. My house is soooo quiet!
DQ and grandpa We visited with my grandparents and my mother for a little while before my sister hit the road again. I took this picture of DQ and my grandfather. Can you tell how much she loves her Zayde? It makes me unspeakably happy to know that one of my favorite people in the whole world is also one of my daughter’s favorite people. I’d show you pictures of my grandma but I don’t think she’d appreciate it much. She’s still a little bruised and wouldn’t want to be seen looking less that fabulous. I thought she looked just great.

We also visited one of my sorority sisters for a short time before settling in for the night at the home of hubbo’s uncle. At his house we stayed in the room that belonged to hubbo’s cousin Bonnie. Look what we found there – her Emmy! How cool is that? Naturally, I picked it up and took a good look at it. It’s very heavy and has a notice on the bottom that read something to the effect of – we giveth and we can taketh away. Nice huh? It’s still cool though because I never in a million year thought I’d see an Emmy up close.

On Sunday morning we went to visit hubbo's grandmother-from-hell. Yes, he knows I call her that and many other people do too - including family members. They all agree that it's an apt description. She's the type of person who is happiest when picking fights with her family and is usually on the outs with one or both of her two daughters. She was not nearly as venomous as usual but she did manage to tell us how angry she is at hubbo's cousin - in detail. She's also incredibly superficial and ordered us (hah!) each to lose 50 lbs before she sees us again. These demands haven't worked in the past - why would she think that they'd work now?

It sounds like an awful visit with her but knowing that I stood my ground with her once again is strangely empowering. I actually enjoyed it in a weird way. Does that make me a sick individual? Did I mention that visiting her was my idea? Yeah - I may be a little insane.

I was knitting feverishly over the weekend but my attention was mostly focused on Seraphim. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. For now I’ll just say that I’ve learned that the streets in Queens, NY are way too bumpy for knitting.


Melissa said...

Ummm...and she won the Emmy for?????
I know what you mean about family. I went to a gathering for hubby's family Saturday and only 2 hours later I was drained. Here it is Monday, and still drained. My family is quite draining also though. I wish they all lived farther away sometimes.

micah said...

I didn't know that Bonnie won an Emmy — wow!

Krista said...

Yes, more info on Bonnie!