Aug 14, 2006

Just One Word

Rhinebeck. Arrrggghh! I’ve been so good lately. I went to one of the LYS on Saturday (it was 2 doors down from the birthday party the Drama Queen was attending) and bought nothing! I went to another LYS on Thursday and bought very little (just what was absolutely necessary). I’ve been trying so hard to show a little restraint. In pursuit of that restraint I was ignoring all mention of Rhinebeck. It was as if it wasn’t even taking place. My world was happy and balanced.

Sunday morning I returned from the grocery store and hubbo had a message for me. He said that my partner in crime my evil twin Blogless Felicia called and left a one-word message – Rhinebeck. Arrgggghh! Just like that - my resolve melted. She is evil through and through. You should all know that she is the very definition of a bad influence.

She proposes that we take a lovely drive up there to see the fall color and YARN! The scary thing is that hubbo gave our little jaunt his blessing. Hah! He’s got a very simple equation in mind. Even I, with my math-impaired brain, can figure this one out.

1 trip to Rhinebeck for Hillary = 1 golf trip for Bruce

Sadly there is a second, more realistic version of this equation that hubbo isn’t considering.

1 trip to Rhinebeck for Hillary = no golf money for Bruce

He said something about “blah, blah, blah controls” and “blah, blah, blah budgets” but I’m not sure he really gets it. I ought to mention that this will be about a week before my birthday. I can rationalize ANY purchase on my birthday.


margene said...

YAY!! And right before your birthday!? Lucky grrl;-)

Melissa said...

Birthday yarn is perfectly okay and doesn't effect the budget.