Aug 7, 2006

Wild and Wonderful

I’m back. We returned late yesterday from the most relaxing vacation ever. Thanks to everyone who played along with my little game. I’ve looked through the comments and nobody guessed the correct place but I did get some great ideas for the future vacations. I’ll have my trusty assistants pick a random name for a special surprise. I hope to post it tomorrow.

I need to get back to the current vacation recap. There’s so much to say that it’s hard to know where to begin - picking up DQ from camp, knitting progress, fiber acquisitions, meeting great people, hiking, canoeing, playing with the spindle - it's all in there. I’m pretty busy today with little time to tell you all the details but here are a few impressions from our vacation.

log cabin



DQ on horse

WV welcome


Krista said...

Yes, I think everyone was assuming out west! And here you were not far from home the entire time. Looked like fun!

cursingmama said...

Wow - that looks so much like a vacation I would take - can't wait to hear/read the details.

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a good time (pick my name, pick my name)! :)