Aug 18, 2006

Crazy Fun

My family just drives me crazy sometimes. Last night Stinkerbelle was complaining again about the Drama Queen and how she doesn’t want to be around her. Moments later she told hubbo that we need to spend more family time all together – including DQ.

Her timing is kind of odd since we spent quite a lot of family together time during our recent vacation. In fact, our canoe trip that nobody was particularly excited about was a very good opportunity for family time. Canoeing is one of my favorite activities but the family is less than enthusiastic about it. They went to make me happy but didn’t expect much and they let me know it. After all the belly-aching about it that went on, it should surprise nobody that this is what we’re still discussing weeks later.

“Remember when we saw the wild horses!”
“It was crazy when we tipped out of the canoe.”
“Going over O-Hell (a rapids area) was so much fun. We did it really good Mommy.”
“I’ll never forget the look on Stikerbelle’s face when your canoe went over ours.”

It was a fun and eventful trip that will be fondly remembered for years to come so, although they complain a lot and drive me crazy, I’ll continue to plan activities that I think they’ll enjoy and hopefully we’ll have many more adventures.

eyecandyfriday Speaking of planning activities - planning my children's birthdays has always been a favorite thing for me so, in the spirit of Eye-Candy Fridays I offer the picture below. This was one of my more successful birthday day party ideas. For DQ’s 9th , she had a sleep-over party and I got small flower pots and tiles and had the girls mosaic the pots. Later, as the girls were downstairs watching shows and giggling, a friend and I grouted them and I made tissue paper flowers on pipe-cleaner stems. I stuck a flower in each and filled in treats around the stem like dirt. The display below is what the girls saw when they left in the morning. I was pretty happy with the way it worked out so I’m sharing it as my eye-candy today.

flower pot goody bags

Have a great weekend!


margene said...

The beautiful Misty Alpaca arrived...and I love the stitch markers! They are a perfect size. I have a project in mind but it isn't lace. ;-)
Enjoy your weekend!

Melissa said...

Those are too cute!

eyeknit4u said...

Hi just wanted to add my two cents.. i make the toe up socks.. but i still use the heel flap .. cause actually i get worse holes on the bottom of my socks instead of the back heel part so this way it works perfection... that's all.. loved reading about your trip and the kids too.. so cute.. :-) karola

Knitting Granny said...

As I said in my email to you, the Socks that Rock yarn and the hand-made (by you) stitch markers are so, SO incredible. I'm turning the toe on sock # 1... I love the eye-candy. What a cute idea.