Aug 31, 2006

The End of Summer

It’s over! Really and truly finished. How do I know? It’s not just the fact that today is the last day of August. I know we’ve reached the end of the summer because today is the day that I take my girls to go meet their new teachers and deposit their school supplies in their classes so that they’ll be ready to go on Tuesday.

This afternoon we’ll go to the school and join the excitement as we search the lists posted in the halls to find out who their teachers for the next year will be. It’ll be a mob scene for sure. I remember when I was a kid and they’d print the name of your teacher for the upcoming year on your end of year report card. What was wrong with that? Is the summer of suspense really a better idea? I’ve been told that they do it this way so that the parents don’t have any time to complain and beg to have their child assigned to a different class. I can understand that to a point but, then again, I’ll bet that those parents will still complain.

red fountain plants Anyway, as I drove to work this morning with my car loaded up with school supplies, I saw these plants again. I love them. It’s a dark a dreary day here so the picture is dark and dreary as well but, trust me, these are beautiful. They look like a group of flaming fountains. I wish I knew what they were – any clue?

I’m still working on Lily almost exclusively but, with my notorious lack of focus, that is sure to change. Right now though, it’s a good project to work on while watching television. It’s much less difficult than I remember. Pictures and more discussion of that tomorrow. Speaking of TV, PR last night was just ok. I think I just wasn’t really excited by the challenge and the designers didn’t seem to be either. What do you think? Is it just me?


aija said...

I don't know what that plant is either, but it is beautiful :)

micah said...

I think this is a better way because it gives the school more time to consider the placement decisions and change them if it becomes necessary. Not being a parent (yet), were you really thinking about it that much over the summer?

Oh, and what is PR?