Sep 1, 2006

End of Summer Blahs

I am exhausted today and, since I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, this is a bad sign. I’m not even sure why I’m so damn tired. I didn’t stay up to see the end of the Agassi match because it was just too painful to watch. (I’m so happy he won) I went to sleep at my usual time and had a pretty good night’s sleep. I did leave work early to get a bunch of errands done yesterday afternoon - but no more than normal. Besides, I was tired when I got to work yesterday too. I think I may have the end of summer blahs.

Anyone have a surefire cure? I could really use one.

As I said, this will be a very busy weekend. I invited a whole bunch of friends over for a BBQ on Sunday. This was before I found out that my dad was going to be living in our downstairs rec room for and extended period of time. The rec room is usually my fail-safe because I tend to fill the house to maximum capacity. The logic goes that, in the event of bad weather, we can send all of the kids downstairs. Ummmm… not so much this time. It’s ok though, I’ll just have to work it out creatively – and pray for a sunny day!

Naturally, with a whole bunch of people coming over, I’ll be busy cooking too. Tonight it’s likely that I’ll break out the cookbooks to choose just the right mix of salads, seasonings, and desserts. I’ll likely fall back on old favorites but I usually find one or two new things to try. Cooking will commence and hubbo will begin the tradition of running to the store for all the stuff I forgot. I’m guessing 3-5 trips this time.

I’m getting tired just thinking about it all. It reminds me of a former friend who’d invite over a house full of people, prepare for the party, and then, while the guests were eating, drinking and conversing – she’d fall asleep on the floor or the couch in the middle of it all. She thought this was perfectly normal behavior – I begged to differ. Proper behavior or not, in my current, exhausted state, it’s starting to sound rational.

Lily continues Never fear – with yarn all things are possible! I suspect that I’ll sneak in some down time to work on Lily this weekend. If that doesn’t put me firmly to sleep then it’ll certainly take the edge off. As promised, I’ve made a bit of progress since I picked it up on Monday night. It’s really tedious though. It’s knit in the round so each round has eleventy-million stitches and takes an eternity. Maybe it just feels that way because the linen is so harsh and nasty to work with. It had better soften up considerably and amaze me with its beauty when it’s done to make all of this unpleasantness worth it. Humpf!

On the positive side, that fact that this sucker is knit in the round means that when I’m done – I’m done. I can also say that about one of the other UFO’s that I picked up again last night - the 2 at a time Elfine socks. I doubt that I’ll ever do 2 socks at once again. I’m doing them on 2 circular needles but it’s just no fun. I also think that I may hate my new Inox needles. I’m doing the mate to hubbo’s Trekking sock on them and, while the points are great – the joins are bothering me enormously. My yarn keeps getting caught on them. Maybe they’d behave differently with other, squishier yarns.

Whoa! It’s just not right to end the week, and start a long weekend, with a whine, so how about a little Eye Candy – in a literal sense!

Kids & Candy Moo

This was taken last December in the “Sweetest Place on Earth” – Hershey, PA. The kids are my girls and their cousins, Jake and Sam. As you can see, they were feeling a little silly at the time – wouldn’t you?

Have a great weekend. I wish all of you good friends, good food and lots of silliness!


margene said...

The best way to get over the blahs is to do something special for yourself. Go have a quite time and eat a Sundae or sip a cup of tea while enjoying time at an outdoor restaurant.
When I don't want to cook for everyone I have them come into the kitchen and cook for me! People usually get a kick out of it and we all have a silly time;-)

Melissa said...

I have the blahs too. So, I bought myself a little chocolate, got a Dr. Pepper, and ordered some stuff from Knitpicks.
I want to take LittleMan to Hershey. How did you like it?

Krista said...

I've had that always tired feeling too, but I don't sleep very much, so that's probably why. Hershey sounds fun. Need to try that someday. Have a fun weekend! Hope it dries out by then.

Knitting Granny said...

How about a candle-lit bubble bath with something soothing and wonderful on the radio/stereo? That oughta chase away the blahs.
Lily looks so beautiful. I've never knit with linen, so I'm very interested to hear about it. Hope it doesn't turn out to be too much of a pain.

Sheepish Annie said...

Just started with some linen myself. I thought it might be something new and different with which to cure those summer's end "blahs." It is like knitting old twine!!! I keep reminding myself how nice and soft it will be after washing. I don't think my scratched-up hands will be, though...