Sep 19, 2006

Second Sock Syndrome Strikes

SSS definedI’ve never really suffered from Second Sock Syndrome before but I suppose that it was bound to strike at some point. Is anyone really immune? I checked my list of finished objects for this year and counted 10 pairs of socks so far. Perhaps I was due.

I’ve tried to get on with it but this is as far as I've gotten. I blamed the needles and, during the knitting of this toe I’ve changed from Addi’s to Inox to Knit Picks. How sad is that? I’m still not feeling the love. It’s kind of sad too because when hubbo tried the first one on he was so happy. He said it was the most comfortable sock. I’ll keep carrying it around in my pocketbook and try to get it finished in the next week or so. At this point I really just want it off my needles. It’s not a bad sock – I’m just tired of it.

Funky defined I am not tired of the funky scarf though. I took this picture yesterday afternoon as I knit on it during my lunch in the bright sunshine. I think that it shows up better here. I included the ball of Paris Nights so that you could see it better. It’s got slubs in purple, wine and gold wrapped loosely by metallic green. Now that I’m writing that down it sounds horrible but, in person, in the scarf, it’s very funky. It’s also a quick knit. I put another foot on it yesterday so it’s about halfway finished now.

I’ve got back to school night for the Drama Queen tonight. I can only imagine what her teacher will have to say. I’ll be racing from work to the school in the rain while hubbo runs the religious school carpool and takes DQ to dance. The fun never stops!

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Stephanie said...

Hmmm - maybe you just aren't really enjoying that type of colorway. But the scarf has enough going on to hold your attention - plus you only have to knit one of those!