Sep 13, 2006

Fair Isle Hat

Triple Pattern Watch Hat I finished the hat last night. Very, very late. I really had to finish it in order to preserve my sanity. I got home yesterday and, between hubbo’s birthday and all of the other stuff going on it was pandemonium! The phone kept ringing and there was an extra kid in the house and homework to be done and kids to take places and… argh! It was way too much for me so I sat and knit.

Hat on L I had already begun the crown and I knew when I sat down to knit that I would not get up until the hat was done. Nothing could stop me. The hat that I couldn’t figure out last year is a finished object this year – and in time for fall too! It could definitely use a bit of blocking and there is a fairly obvious error in it but I’m happy anyway. The Drama Queen is happy too. She tried it on before I left for work so that I could see that it fits.

This project never made it to the sidebar so here are a few stats:
Pattern: Triple Patterned Watch Hat from Hats On! By Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool – one and a half balls of white and less than one of blue. This is really nice and soft and I like it much more than I expected to.
Time: I started it last fall but I didn’t get far at all and what I did do had to be mostly ripped out. I re-started it 9/4 at row 3 so it took just over a week to complete. Not my best but not bad either!
Notes: I’m sure that I must have measured DQ’s head last fall and chosen the size to knit based on that measurement but it translated to an XL. She really doesn’t have a big head so the fact that I was knitting a hat in a size XL kept freaking me out as I knit. I was so worried that it would be too big. As you can see in the pictures, it’s perfect and I needn’t have worried. It leaves me wondering who the small size is meant for. Hmmm….

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to write tomorrow because I have a Very Important Meeting to attend for the next 2 days. In a less than amusing turn of events, my face has started peeling from the nasty sunburn I got on Sunday – just in time for this meeting. Showing up to the meeting with my face coming off is not exactly the definition of putting my best foot forward. Eeew!


Melissa said...

It looks great. Good job!

aija said...

The hat looks great! I am still dragging my feet on trying stranded knitting, its intimidating to me :)

About the knucks on my blog-- I think the pattern ahs 3 sizes incl. a smaller/child's sized hand one, but for me with a bigger hand than the M and smaller than the L, I went with a yarn that was heavier/knit at a larger gauge (my handspun)-- checked the gauge I was getting and compared the inch size of the hands to the actual measurements of my hands. The patt calls for 6.5/sts and I got 6/sts with my yarn, so it ended up being a perfect fit for my mitts :) I think that would be the easiest way to "modify" it for a mid-sized hand. There's also a forum the deisgner set up for the knucks and she posts there (she answered a question I had way back when it 1st came out!) so she may have a suggestion for you, too.

Good luck! :)

margene said...

Hope all went well with your meeting. I'm behind in blog reading but I really like the hat!