Sep 21, 2006


I stopped for a bagel on the way to work this morning and I’m sorry that I did. It was an asiago bagel, while I’ve enjoyed asiago bagels from other places, this one had a nasty surprise. They put pepper in it. Who does that and… better yet, why? This was not a good start to the day.


I wrote that a hew hours ago and I’m feeling better now. Thank goodness for the nice people around this office who keep well-stocked candy dishes full of chocolate on their desks. I love them! It’s amazing what a little Hershey kiss will do for your disposition.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on UFO’s this week. Last night I was diligently working on Stinkerbelle’s Blankie and this morning I gave the sock of shame a little love. Oddly, after all of the recent whining about these projects, I’m not minding them as much. Go figure.

Then again, the improvement in my knitterly disposition can probably be summed up in one word – Premieres. Yep, the Tivo has been working overtime in our house. I watched Studio 60 the other night and I liked it. I’m not sure I’m in love yet but I’ll certainly watch it again. Last night was the season premiere of criminal Minds (good) and a new show – Kidnapped. I watched Kidnapped even though I hate the idea of getting involved in yet another because the reviews intrigued me and I like Jeremy Sisto. I loved him as Brenda’s screwed up brother on Six Feet Under (I miss that show) and he’s pretty good here. So far this show is working for me. Tonight I’ll definitely watch Grey’s Anatomy. How could you not?


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Hmmm, sounds like someone grabbed the wrong bagel or an errant cheddar jalapeno made it into the asiago bin... What a bummer! I'm been enjoying pumpkin ones this week :-)

I don't know that I'll get to watch Grey's tonight, but it is set to record! Yeah!

Krista said...

Oh yes, I got hooked on Grey's after the last few shows last season. I'll be watching tonight.