Sep 22, 2006

Ready, set... wait

Yarn – Check
Needles – Check
Pattern - … um, not yet

Even though I haven’t got a hope in hell of killing anyone off and I’m certainly not going to win Sock Wars, I am gonna give it my all. Surely there must be someone out there with a busier schedule than me. Maybe there’s someone who’s never knit socks before. Please let that person receive my name today. I brought my arsenal with me and, upon receipt of the dossier, I plan to furtively whip out my needles and cast on. Two hour lunch anyone?

Anyway, although I am eagerly awaiting the start of sock wars, I have been able to focus on a few other things. Mostly stuff on television – Grey’s Anatomy and Shark. Grey’s was good but a little jumpier than I’d have liked. I liked seeing Steve Harris (who I loved as Eugene on The Practice) in the episode although I wish it had been a bigger role. I know, I know… I should skip the small stuff and just address the big issue – McDreamy or Finn? I like Finn but wasn’t his response a little wimpy. Exclusive or not, it’s bad form to invite a date to the prom and then go off and get intimate with someone else at the event. Period! He had every right to be angry at Meredith but he wasn't. That said, we all know he never really had a shot anyway. Right? Clearly she chooses McDreamy. But then what?

After Grey’s we watched Shark, the new James Woods show. It was great. I saw a review somewhere that called it House with lawyers. I think that captures it well. I really liked the show and James Woods was fabulous. He really makes the show.

Ok, enough about the Premieres. I saw something else yesterday that made me pause for a moment. The space shuttle landed. I was so happy that it landed safely but am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that the shuttle uses that little parachute to brake after landing. With all the advances in technology and all the fancy gadgets developed specifically for space travel, is it really possible that a little parachute is the best method? I mean – really – a parachute? Just sayin’!

Apples and Honey

Last but not least, this weekend is Rosh Hashanah and I want to wish all of those who’ll be celebrating the New Year with me… L’Shanah Tovah!


Sheepish Annie said...

I agree; Steve Harris was amazing in this GA episode! I missed "Shark" though. Had to drag myself off to bed and rest up for a Friday of fun-filled teaching and stuff. Good luck in the Sock Wars!

And peace to you and yours in the New Year.

The Purloined Letter said...

Happy New Year! I wish we could knit during services tomorrow....

If God is a knitter, what will be written in the book?

Krista said...

yes, they do use a parachute...very interesting indeed...