Sep 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Today is hubbo’s birthday. I’d show you a picture but I don’t think that I have any that he’d want to share. He would be especially nonplussed if showed you the picture that I took on Saturday when he made his acting debut. Hee, hee, hee! Actually, at the Craft Fair they have entertainment and this time it included something called interactive children’s theater which was actually fun for the whole family. My dear husband was a “Springun” which was the name for the villains. He got to wear a tail and a hood with enormous ears. It was hysterical.

P9101444Naturally Stinkerbelle and the Drama Queen got into the act. In this picture you can see DQ in character as the queen along with other un-named actors. She turned many shades of red when they announced that, in the story, the queen was having a baby. P9101445 Stinkerbelle stayed true to her inner superhero and chose to be a knight in this production. You can see her with her sword raised right next to the director of the show. Thank goodness the sword didn’t come home. I chose not to exercise my acting abilities and, instead, sat in the audience to capture the show on camera and applaud wildly.

P9101448 Look who else was at the fair! We saw this sheep being shorn. She wasn't too happy about it either. It’s not a fair without a little fiber but I didn’t buy any! None at all! The booth had lots of beautiful handspun yarn in colors I loved but I plan on going to the Fall Fiber Festival in a few short weeks and I’m trying not to buy anything before that. It's hard but if I stay away from the LYS and Elann then I should be ok. (There is also a box of yarn that arrived yesterday from KnitPicks to keep me busy for a little while. I did have a chance to observe the spinning for a while and I asked many questions. I really want to try it myself. All in good time.

After the craft show we went over to check out the sate of my dad’s house. He lives about 20 minutes away so we hadn’t been out to see it yet. Lovely – isn’t it? My dad actually says that this is a huge improvement over the way he initially saw it with water everywhere and the saturated ceiling in pieces on the furniture. It’s a little hard to see in the pictures but there are plenty of spots where the walls are completely gone. That freaked Stinkerbelle out. We’re still waiting to hear more definitive word – they may need to rip out more – but we think it may be inhabitable again by Halloween. We also haven’t heard anything about the furniture and how much of that needs to be replaced. Apparently saturated sheetrock resting on the surface may not be good for leather couches. Who knew?

Bristow Flood Damage

After all of the fun we had on Saturday, we spent Sunday at the Girl Scout tag sale. It was a bright, sunny day and we had a great spot in a parking lot along a busy road which all added up to an afternoon full of steady traffic at out sale. We sold all kinds of toys, books, furniture and household goods and, at the end of the day, we had earned over $900. Not too shabby! In case I didn’t mention it before, the sale was intended to raise money for DQ’s junior troop so that they can go to Savannah, GA this spring to visit the birthplace of the founder of Girl Scouts. The sale made a huge dent in the funds they’ll need for the trip.

All that is great but it’s not the best part of the weekend. What was? I’m so happy that you asked. We had a lot of Hispanic shoppers and many of them had limited English so DQ helped out by translating for them. She has been in a special language immersion program at school for the past 4 years and she is fluent in Spanish. But that’s not all. Her Spanish is so good that one of the shoppers complimented her on it. I’m still feeling the glow from it 2 days later.


Melissa said...

That is wonderful about the Spanish! She'll make big money someday being bilingual!!
Happy Birthday to the hubby!

Debby said...

Happy birthday to your husband!

I'm new to your site but I'm sorry about your dad's house...I don't know what happened but it looks like you have quite the project ahead of you. Glad he likes the TiVo and maybe it will take his mind off of things?

Anonymous said...


Grandma Shelley

Krista said...

Let's get together at the Fall Fiber Festival! Some Richmonders will be there as well - Can't wait!
Lovely hat, too!