Sep 29, 2006

Tilia and Eye Candy

Pretty purple flowers

Tilia - the start

Can you tell which one is the eye candy? I’m posting a little late today because the pictures that I took of Tilia late night were really lame. I think that the deep purple is to blame. Certainly it can’t be my crappy photography skills.

I am enjoying working on this sweater very much. Obviously I haven’t gotten very far but the pattern is simple and the yarn is to die for – the color, the feel, the fabric it creates – all fabulous. It’s Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and I can’t wait to wear it.

The picture of the flowers is from this afternoon. It’s a little cool here and the flowers were waving in the wind so some of them are a little out of focus. I kind of like it though.

The cool weather is just right for this time of year and right in line with tonight’s activity. We’re going to see a little pre-season hockey. The dealer we bought our most recent car from called hubbo earlier this week to offer him tickets in the company’s box. Four tickets in the executive suite which, I believe, includes food. Would we like to go? Hell yes!

Have a great weekend!


margene said...

My thought was to start Tilia next (in a bright deep turquoise, but then I saw Ariann. Tilia will be next. Yours is so beautiful and so are the flowers!

trek said...

Just call me an enabler over here...

Anonymous said...

I came across this page looking for help with this sweater! I'm killing myself trying to figure out the neckband... I've picked up and knit the stiches... now it says 'knit one row from WS'.
Does that mean I turn the sweater inside out? With the shoulder seems sewn together.. I"m so confused about the wrong side. Any help would be appreciate. I just can't seem to figure out this fold line... should the neckband continue in stock stich or not? ANy help would be SO much appreicated! I'm knitting this sweater for my Mum for Xmas as she taught me how to knit. Thanks again, Jen