Sep 28, 2006

Wildflower Museums

WildflowersThere are a lot of things about Northern Virginia that amuse me. The “Kiss & Ride” signs at Metro are a good example. So are the wildflower museums. Do you have these where you live? Basically, they throw a bunch of seeds in the middle of the medians on many of our roads and let wildflowers grow. It’s a little unkempt looking at some times of the year because there are signs up that prohibit mowing in the “wildflower museums” but, when they’re in bloom they’re kind of pretty in a whimsical way and, as you sit in traffic a little whimsy is a welcome thing. Right?

I’ve often noticed and pondered these floral displays but more so since last weekend when I discovered the true depth of hubbo’s appreciation of the flowers. We were in the car and, instead of going the usual way that he always insists is faster, he took the longer route. I asked why and he admitted that it was the flowers. All together now… awwww. It was definitely a moment.

median garden 2
This morning I was thinking about it again and noting a different roadside floral display. Naturally, I took a few pictures to share. Aren’t they pretty? Guess what – they’re gone. I took that picture on my way into work this morning and at lunch I saw the landscapers pulling them out. Truly I can understand the desire to freshen things up but they looked so pretty. Surely they had a little more life left.

Anyway, I don’t have any photographic evidence but I started Tilia last night. I decided that there was nothing I could do to ensure the speedy arrival of my completion yarn than starting a long-awaited project. Now that I have begun Tilia and I’m really enjoying the feel of the yarn and the developing pattern, I’m sure that I’ll be pulled away by something right away. I may provide pictures tomorrow. Then again, I may not.

By the way - I'm still standing. No Socks of Doom in my mailbox yet. Heeheehee!


micah said...

Wow! That's so sweet! He wanted to show you the prettier flowers.

Anonymous said...

I love the colour you are using for Tilia and the yarn looks great.