Sep 7, 2006

Is it Live...

… or is it Memorex?

Do you remember those commercials? Now cassette tapes of any kind are just so passé. When we ask if it’s live these days it generally refers to the shows we’re watching. Are they live or is it T*VO? For us it’s the difference between watching our shows uninterrupted by commercials and getting up to do household chores during those advertisements. It sounds like such a small thing and yet – it’s addictive and, like so many other things, there is a tendency to become dependent on it. Not convinced? Just ask my dad.

Yes, my dad is still living with us and it’s likely that he’ll be here for some time to come. They’re still cleaning up his house and I’m not sure when the rebuilding will start. For now he has settled in at our place and, after spending the first week of his stay telling us about how he lives very nicely without T*VO, he has now joined the crew asking – if the shows we’re watching are “live” or if we have the "power" to fast forward.

One of the shows that we watched “live” last night was Project Runway. I was very happy to see Vincent voted out. He was really annoying me but not as much as Jeffrey who irritates me each and every time he’s on. Why does he have to be such a dick? No matter what I thought of Angela, he was needlessly unkind to her mom and gloating after she was voted out is just totally uncool. I have to say that I’m enjoying this show much more than I ever expected.

3 pattern hat - day 2On the same note, I’m totally amazed at how much I’m enjoying knitting the 3-pattern hat. I worked on it all night (between all my mommy activities) and now the cuff is finished. I’m so into it that I took it for my commuter knitting instead of the usual sock. What a shock! 3-pattern hat - insideI probably would’ve gotten even further on the hat except that I kept looking at the wrong side and admiring it. I’m sure it’s not as neat and tidy as some people but it looks way better than I expected it to. I think I may even be doing this right. Is that possible?

orchidbeachwoodsThe only thing that threatens to distract me from the hat right now is this book. I read Kristi’s review of it the other day and it sounded great so I went to the library and picked it up right away. I finally started reading it on Monday and I just can’t put it down. It's just my speed and I’d be finished by now but work has been getting in the way. I just hate when that happens. It’s ok though because I’m near the end and I’m sure that I’ll finish it today. Then I’ll just have to go get the next one from the library.


margene said...

Love the way your knitting looks. I can't watch PR and only saw the first two. I am surprised Vincent made it this far and Jeffrey is still there, too!

Melissa said...

That is looking great!!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Thank you for weighing in on Fib today!

Argh! I can't believe I missed PR -- AGAIN! I must make a note about Wednesday night television... and maybe a reminder about when it actually IS Wednesday (I've been confused all week). Vincent drove me nuts, too, but Jeffrey overtook him in recent weeks in my "vote him off because of personality" book (too bad he's such a GREAT designer!). It's shaping up, isn't it? The last few episodes ought to be fantastic.

Lolly said...

Another PR person! Isn't that show addictive? I have watched all 3 seasons and love them all. I was happy to see Vincent go, but I have to admit... a little part of me likes Jeffrey - I know that is controversial to say! I think he has some real talent - although the yellow dress? ugh. Uli was robbed!

The hat looks fantastic! you should admire it :)

amanda said...

I feel the same way about Jeffrey. He was awfully rude and the fact that his mom glossed over it with Angela's mom by saying he's had a hard life... Hmmm...sounds a bit codependent and enabling if you ask me!