Jan 7, 2007

Dining in Key West and the first F.O. of '07

Pepe'sThis weekend was way too short for me but it was very relaxing for hubbo and he's healing well. I'm really thankful for this because my girls, while they are wonderful, are wearing me out. I'll be happy to be back at work tomorrow. It's somewhat calmer there.

Before the medical issues invaded the blog I was happily telling you all about our trip to Key West. Here is hubbo in front of a restaurant that we'd never have tried if not for the rave review of a woman in a local shop. We asked her for a breakfast suggestion one day and she said Pepe's without hesitation. She insisted that it was the place to go. Outside it looks like nothing but inside the place was hopping. There were lots of people waiting for tables. We had been warned, Pepe's is good but it isn't fast. As with many restaurants in KW, most of the seating is outside and kind of funky.

Special French Toast at Pepe'sWe had orange juice while we waited and it was squeezed on the spot. It's amazing how the pulp, which I normally find icky doesn't bother me when it's fresh squeezed. Finally we were seated and our food arrived and it was so worth waiting for. Hubbo had an italian onlette that was full of peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and sausage. I went for one of the daily specials - french toast with blueberry/raspberry topping and coconut. Yum! I'm very picky about my french toast and this was delish!

Flamingo Crossing Ice CreamWe also found a great place for ice cream while we were in KW. Flamingo Crossing has homemade ice cream that's to die for. The flavors are mostly local fruits and influences. I'd show you a picture except that the flavors I had - ginger, coconut and key lime - all looked exactly the same, white, which doesn' t make for exciting photography. But the taste... ooooh it was divine! The flavors were a little unusual but just right. Ginger ice cream - yum!

The thing that these and most of our dining experiences had in common was that they were based on local recommendations. I did a lot of book and internet based research before the trip but we found that everything was rated well and there was just too much to choose from so we relied on tips from locals and, with only one exception, we were really thrilled that we had.

Now that I've cocluded the trip recap I can move on to my first finished object of the year - a pair of fingerless gloves for me!

Canapone Fingerless Gloves

Finferless gloves againI bought the yarn and the pattern for these from Lanaknits at Stitches East. The yarn is Cashmere canapa and the pattern is Fern Lace Wrist Warmers. The can call them anything they like - they look like fingerless gloves to me. At any rate they were super easy which made them the perfect knit for the plane and the waiting room - interesting but simple.

I think that I like the color and the yarn is ok but I'm not sure if it's right for gloves. It is the exact yarn recommended in the instructions but I think that gloves probably need something a little squishier and perhaps a denser knit. I have a similar color lined up for a pair of mittens for me but who can think of mittens when it's 70 degrees outside?

The feel of the yarn is not ideal but not a dealbreaker. There was one aspect of the pattern as written that didn't sit right with me after finishing off the first glove and I changed it on the second. The thumb bugged me. The pattern called for knitting 2x2 rib over 16 stitches for 3 rounds. For me this was too tight, to short and too bleh. I hated it do on the second glove I did 1x1 ribbing over 18 stitches for 4 rounds and I like it much better. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but I haven's gone back and fixed the first one yet. I wanted to ponder it first and be certain that I'd like the change better. I do and I will.

By the way, these pictures were taken by my wonderful Drama Queen.


Carol said...

Fabulous! Only th e7th, and you had a vacation and an FO! Nice to hear the medical issues are getting behind you.

Hilari said...

Cool fingerless gloves! Love the cable pattern!

BTW, great name! :)

Carole Knits said...

Oh great. Now I want french toast.

Anonymous said...

Yum, Hill!

Melissa said...

Teh french toast looks AMAZING!!
The gloves are gorgeous. Good job!

a. said...

Fabulous gloves and fabulous news about your hubby healing well!

margene said...

Fingerless gloves have been my constant companion this week! They are so handy to wear when it's warmer and to put under a pair of gloves if needed, too. However, yours are so pretty with the lace! Nice work.