Feb 6, 2007

Anything But Socks

Thanks for all the compliments on my new shawl and the photography.

I started a little something on Sunday night. I had a bit of Brooks Farm yarn left over from a pair of Fetching that I made at the end of last year and it seemed like it would be perfect for Calorimetry. It is - and it's not. Working with this yarn reminds me of how much I love it and how I really need more. The colors are so rich and deep and the variegation is nice and subtle - just the way I like it. The yarn also has an amazing sheen to it. Predictably, I'm having doubts that there is enough to finish this project. Damn!

Warm Red Brooks Farms

I shouldn't even be knitting this now because I'm supposed to be knitting socks. More accuarately, I should be doing nothing but test-knitting sock patterns. Isn't it funny how I usually escape from big projects that are dragging by working on socks but now, when my focus ought to be on socks, I feel the urge to knit anything but socks. It's been a good turn of events for all the UFO's languishing about the house but not good for sock knitting.

While the sock knitting isn't going as quickly as it ought to, it is still moving along and I started another sock last night. It's still early but, so far, I like it. It involves a bit of colorwork and I'm using a green/blue variegated Cherry Tree Hill and white Louet Gems to work it.


Teyani said...

I have some Brooks Farm yarn that has been percolating in my stash for a year now - love it. I'm not sure if I want to knit with it, or just keep it to admire (grin)
Socks - oh yeah.. we're supposed to be knitting those aren't we! (I must go find pattern for Bloomin' feet swap.)

Carole Knits said...

We always want to work on the stuff we're not supposed to be working on. It's universal, I think.

Melissa said...

The yarn looks gorgeous and looks like it will make a gorgeous Calorimetry. I need to make one of those!

Krista said...

I knit that pattern as written as it was too big! So then I only cast on 100 stitches and did 12 less rows. Maybe if you can save some yarn by making it a bit smaller. I used a worsted weight, but it was just too big! Good luck. the colors are great.

Emma said...

It looks really pretty so far. I'm sure the colors are gorgeous in person!