Feb 27, 2007

Mo Hairy Than Necessary

Handsome progressAlthough preparation for Sock Madness is threatening to take over every minute of my day, I've still managed to find a little time for other stuff. Tonight I started my Bloomin Socks twice and I'm still not happy with them so I'll start them again tomorrow night a few times. I want to do something with interest in the back - maybe a funky cable. I don't know though, I could change my mind a million times before these socks get in the mail.

Another thing that I've been working on is this shawl. It's moving right along and it looks nice but I'm 40 plus rows in and I still feel like I'm waiting to get to the good part. Know what I mean? I want action and magic. At the very least I'd like to get to a point where I can read the lace and consult the pattern less often. I'm in no danger of casting this shawl aside but the inability to get in the groove really does frustrate me.

The other issue with this shawl is that I think ( and I could be wrong) that I'm inhaling more fiber than I'm knitting. This yarn has mohair in it which is a fiber I've never used before. Actually, I've avoided mohair in the past because I'm not into the fuzziness. This is Brooks Farm yarn though and it's so amazingly soft and beautiful that I couldn't resist. Maybe I'll get a mask to wear while knitting.


Carole Knits said...

I know just what you mean about the mohair in the Brooks Farm! And I hear you on the Bloomin' Feet socks, too. I keep changing my mind but I really need to buckle down and get started.

sprite said...

I made a shawl out of Brooks Farms Duet last year. I loved how soft it was, but its peach fuzz came off all over everything -- including the dark suits of all the guys I got close to.

Teyani said...

mohair makes me sneeze too - but Brooks Farm is so worth it. Maybe you could wear one of those cotton masks? (smile.. now that would be a fun photo op.)
Hope you find exactly the right pattern for BF.