Feb 15, 2007

Cooking for kids

Stinkerbelle has a thing for Giada DiLaurentis lately. I have no idea where it came from but suddenly, if Giada is on, she's glued to the tv. This is amusing to me for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that she's a notoriously picky eater and probably wouldn't eat half of what Giada makes. Never-the-less I borrowed one of her cook books from the library the other day for Stink. The logic went something like this - if it comes from Giada's book then Stink may at least try it. It sounded perfectly reasonable at the time.

So last night, instead of going out for a romantic dinner with hubbo, I set about to create a chicken dish from the book. It started out with 2 trips to the stupidmarket by hubbo for necessary ingredients. Then, as I slaved over the hot stove I realized that one of the ingredients that I already had in my freezer was no longer good. Since the roads were getting really icy by then we decided to do with out this ingredient and pressed on.

It took about half an hour longer than expected to make the dinner and hubbo got a really bad burn along the way (oven mitts would've helped). Hubbo and I enjoyed the dinner but Stinkerbelle didn't eat and the Drama Queen didn't like it. So much for that.

Start with Brooks FarmAfter resisting for quite a while I gave in to startitis yesterday and started 2 new projects yesterday. I think that I can blame both projects on my attempts to straighten up the stash. It's really quite impossible to handle all that yarn and not feel the pull of the needles.

One of the new projects is the shawl you see here. It's from Victorian Lace Today and the yarn is more Brooks Farm. Care to guess which one it is?

The other new project was a scarf for DQ which is really not far enough along to look like anything in a picture. It going to be another scarf knit lengthwise out of KP Andean Silk and a bit of novelty yarn. I started with and I-cord cast on like with Stinkerbelle's scarf because I love the stability and finished look that it adds. Unfortunately, casting on so many stitches that way takes forever.


Carole Knits said...

You guys should have gotten a babysitter and gone out!

CursingMama said...

I'm a closet foodie - but I'm also a picky foodie with many foods I won't put near my mouth. I was a lot like Stink when I was young.

Dying to know what it was you were making.....