Feb 12, 2007


Kids are funny sometimes. Stinkerbelle rarely chooses her own clothes. She's really not a morning person and its usually all we can do to get her out of bed. Usually, as we roll, tickle, and cajole her she asks us to just go pick something for her and then proceeds to shoot down our choices. I've tried to get my girls to lay out ther clothes the night before but it rarely happens. Last night was an exception. Stink-o came into the living room and announced that she was all ready for school in the morning - and had even chosen her clothes. She proceeded to bring out her selections - a navy blue shirt, khaki pants, and a beaded bracelet "for pizazz." Hubbo and I cracked up. This morning as she was putting on the bracelet I commented on the pizazz and she just gave me a look. I guess the moment was over.

Charlotte!!!I've talked about my new wheel quite a bit but I didn't take any pictures because I figured that you'd probably seen enough double tredle Lendrums around elsewhere. Apparently I was wrong and a bunch of people asked to see her. Here is Charlotte. As much as I love to spin with Charlotte, I also love to look at her. The wood is so smooth and beautiful. Hubbo likes her too. He commented that she's a lot quieter than he expected. I should mention that I got her from Bountiful and they were really nice to work with. The best part was that since I bought her during December, she came with a free carry bag but it's not here yet.

Don't you just love the background decoration? That picture was actually taken early on Sunday. There were boxes of cookies piled throughout the house. By the time we went to sleep, most of those cookies were gone. Thank goodness! I've said it before, but this year I absolutely mean it - this is the last year I do this.

Purple & White SpunSince we're talking about Charlotte, here's what I've been spinning over the past week. It's a combination of white and purple roving. It was all from the same bunch that I bought at Springwater's Super Bowl sale. I decided to dye some of it purble but it came out super dark so, since I don't have carders of any sort yet, I figured I'd take a little of the white and see what would happen if I spun it with a little purple. What you see here is not plied. I'm not sure if I like it or not but it's a neat experiment. I suppose that when I knit it up it'll create a tweedy effect. That could be cool in a hat. I still have more to spin too so it may be plied together with more of the same or some solid purple or solid white. Anything is possible. It'll be fun to see what happens. Have you ever tried something like this?

After I finish playing with the purple and white I'll probably try out some samples I have before moving on to some other roving I dyed during the recent snow day. I used Cushings dye in Nile Green and Jade Green(?). The changes in color are not too drastic but I like that. I often find that I'm drawn to (and often buy) yarns with multiple vibrant colors but I tend to like the results of my knitting best when the color shifts are subtle. I think that this should produce some really nice yarn. I just hope that my spinning does it justice.

Roving Dyed by Me


Anonymous said...

See, now I could read most of the knitting stuff because you prefaced it with some nice anecdotes about my nieces! Way to go!

amanda said...

she's a twin to my blythe! nice to meet you charlotte :o)

Teyani said...

I think that you're going to love spinning the soft green that you dyed up - nice job.
and hello Charlotte!

Margene said...

It's fun to experiment with fiber and color when you spin. It's all practice, all takes you to the next step and informs what you do next. Nice work so far!

Carole Knits said...

Girl Scout cookies - ugh! I'll make sure you stick to this promise and never organize the sale again.

Melissa said...

I love the roving. It's gorgeous!!