Feb 15, 2007

ECF - Happy Edition


Today is Eye Candy Friday and so much more. First, the eye candy. I took this picture at the local stupidmarket on a Sunday morning. I just loved the way the peppers looked. There were people actively stocking the produce while I was there and one of them came over and commented that she'd never seen anyone take a picture of their displays before. I didn't bother to explain the blog thing (Um, I have a knitting blog and we like to take pictures of random stuff to post on Fridays ...). I think she was pleased to have it appreciated though.

Speaking of appreciation. I really appreciate whoever it was that submitted my post about how to receive a handknit to Yarnival. How cool is it to be in Yarnival? I was totally excited when I got the email about it.

On another note, sign-ups for Sock Madness started yesterday. I was pleased to see a steady stream of people sign up. Thankfully there was no avalanche of emails and there is still room for more players so we'll leave it open for a while longer. If you know anyone who may not have heard about it send them over to the Sock Madness blog for details. It would be great if the roster of 128 players was already full but I'd rather have to wait a little longer for it to fill up than have to turn away a bunch of people.


Carole Knits said...

I love the photo of the peppers! I've been in situations where I've wanted to take photos but haven't because I would be too embarassed to explain the blog thing.
I'm glad Sock Madness sign ups are working out well.

CursingMama said...

Obviously I can't commit to socks (mine are currently two balls in a ziploc - again) but I wish you good luck with the Madness it sure sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm thinking fajitas for supper tonight - wonder how I got that idea......

Carol said...

Hee hee temper temper! We love our peppers here! Sometimes just sliced as a side dish. How did I miss yesterday's post? Darn day job. Congrats on Yarnival! You're truly worthy of notice. I'd love to go for Sock Madness, but I'd be a letdown right now. Have to get better practiced, but will watch that with interest :-)

Teyani said...

lovely peppers - and how fun that the store folks were a bit amazed :-)