Feb 19, 2007

Ships and Scarves

DQ and the Taney

This is where the Drama Queen spent last night. There was an overnight event for her sleep away camp and the associated youth organization - kind of a camp reunion. They were supposed to have stayed on a submarine but it turned out to be smelly and cold so they switched accomodations. This is the US Coast Guard Cutter Taney which is the last surviving warship from Pearl Harbor. They got to tour the boat and the sub and learn about their histories. They also did a lot of giggling and telling jokes all night. She had a blast!

DQ Scarf in Progress

While she was playing , I was working on a little something for her. This is a scarf that's about half finished. The main yarn is KP Andean Silk and I added a bit of novelty stuff. I like the way the novelty yarns add a little fun when used very sparingly. The scarf is being knit lengthwise in garter stitch and I really don't know how wide it'll wind up. I also don't know how many stitches I cast on. I know it's over 200 but it really didn't matter so I just kept adding stitches (using the i-cord cast on). Can you say tedious? It's worth it though.

DQ saw me working on the scarf the other night and asked about the fingerless gloves that I "owe" her. I told her that they're gonna take a little bit because I want to do a design that's in my head and I need to work it out. She told me that she appreciates that I want to do something special but maybe I should use a pattern because she knows i may take a while. What can I say? My kid knows me pretty well.


Melissa said...

How funny that she knows how you are. The scarf looks cute!

Sweet Stitching Betties said...

Hurry mom! She's such a cutie pie!