Feb 25, 2007

A Scarf Too Late

IMG_0612[1]It snowed again today. The storm last week brought mostly sleet and ice that caused a thick shell to cover everything for days on end. This time big, fluffy, wet flakes fell all day long and it was quite beautiful. The kids went out and played in it, building forts and throwing snowballs.

I was pretty happy about the snow for many reasons. The snow did more than just provide an excuse to stay home and play with fiber - it left no other options. I often think that my weekend will involve lots of staying at home and knitting or spinning but it rarely winds up that way. Some urgent errand always pops up. Today the only reason to leave my fiber was the laundry. I call that a very successful day.

IMG_0610[1]I was also prepared because my new boots arrived on Friday. I love them. The came from one of my favorite stores and there are skulls on them. They're not really snow boots but the weather provided a really good excuse to take them out for a little spin.

I did quite a bit of spinning but I'll share that later in the week. Charlotte and I made peace with the Romney and I'm working on something to ply it with to make it more pleasant.

IMG_0614[1]I did finish a project this weekend. I was working on the Drama Queen's scarf off and on. It took much longer to complete it than I expected but I like the result. As you can see from the picture, DQ likes it too. She insisted on wearing the hat I made for here a while ago to model it - to give a sense of te ensemble. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the yarn is KP Andean Silk with a little novelty stuff added - Filatura Di Crosa Saint Tropez and Knit one Purl Two Baton Rouge. It's really soft and the Andean Silk has a nice sheen.

IMG_0615[1]I added fringe to this scarf which I've never used on project before. I think that it makes the scarf look more finished. If there is a lesson to be learned from this scarf, it's that even materials and features that you don't care for have their place. My photo mojo wasn't working for me today but, in person, the novelty stuff works really well with the scarf.

Maybe if I'd have finished the scarf earlier in the day DQ might have been persuaded to step away from the computer and enjoy the snow a little bit. I doubt it though.


Carole Knits said...

I love the new boots!

Melissa said...

Love the scarf and the boots. She is such a pretty girl!

Margene said...

Cool boots!! DQ is very pretty with that smile. Snowy days are so nice when you can spend them with your fiber.

Teyani said...

cool boots - and what pretty snow!
How fun that your girl loves that sweet scarf.

Carol said...

DQ's hat and scarf are really nice! The snow looks nice, but I'd probably freeze;) Did you get your boots at Hot Topic? They are crazy nice!

Krista said...

You got much more snow than we did! The scarf is great!