Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Icy BerriesAnother Wednesday, another snow day but this time it's justified. Last night, on the drive home, people were moving at a snails pace. There was a nasty mix of stuff falling from the sky and it would turn to ice on contact.

A few years ago, on a day like today, we were awakened to find that a car had crashed into our mailbox and launched it into the front yard. This year, we have a brand new mailbox that I spent lots of time planning and customizing. We hope that it stays up. Last night there was a close call as yet another car took the curvy incline too quickly for the icy conditions and skidded towards our house. Thankfully, the neighbors car, which usually annoys me greatly because it's perpetually parked at my curb, took the hit and protected our mailbox. The neighbor's car is a crumpled mess and the car that hit it was taken away on a flatbed but the mailbox still stands. Hooray!

Valentine LootIt's nice to be home with the family on Valentines Day. We all slept in and then opened our gifts to each other in a leisurely manner rather than the hurried frenzy that usually takes place. I got outfits for each of the girls and there were books, cd's and candy for all. Hubbo got me a shirt with one of Franklin's designs on it and some other mystery item that's apparently suffering a snow delay. The shirt has Dolores on it - she just cracks me up.

I've been trying not to go on and on about Sock Madness here. I figure that it has it's own place and if you wanted to know about that you'd go to the SM blog but today it's really on my mind because sign up is tomorrow and it's making me a little nervous. Blogland is great but you're never really sure of exactly what's out there. There could be tons of people out there waiting to push send or there could be three. You just never know.


Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a very nice day so far. I'll be pushing the send button tomorrow. Just so you know.

Carol said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all stay nice & warm and enjoy it!
Have fun with Sock Madness too;) Nice neighbor to protect your mailbox for you. We live on a curve too (luckily no ice though) and it really gets me red the way people fly around it. ugh