Feb 21, 2007

Oh Paulina!

Early last fall, we found ourselves watching one of Stinkerbelle's friends on a few occasions. One of those nights happened to coincide with the start of the 3rd season of Dancing With the Stars. This little girl is a huge fan and reminded us over and over that it was on that night.

Did you know DWTS is on tonight?
DWTS is my favorite show.
I just love DWTS.
Do you watch DWTS?
Did you know that DWTS is on tonight?

OMG! I was never so happy to see her parents come and pick her up. We're not huge fans of the show.

I just checked the website of a certain tabloid and saw that the list for the 4th season is up. There are a lot of names I know in this round - Vincent Pastore , Apolo Anton Ohno (so cute), Ian Ziering (hello 90210), Billy Ray Cyrus (the girls knw him as Hannah Montana's dad -LOL) - but for me one name stood out - Paulina Porizkova is going to be in it! I am so psyched! Back in high school and college I was big on Vogue and Elle. I don't know why but I pored over the pages and saved some of my favorites. (Yeah, I had a few issues) The highlights for me were always the photos of Paulina. She was just so cool and exotic and gorgeous. This season I will watch DWTS and root for Paulina!

Ripped CalorimetryI've been really busy with Sock Madness prep lately but I have still been knitting. I have to in order to stay sane. It's all a little overwhelming.

A while ago I started Calorimetry out of leftover Brooks Farm Four Play that I love. I stopped about midway through though because I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete it. I picked it up tonight to try to finish it and confirmed that I don't have enough. It's ok though - I think that If I just rip it back a little beyond the center and use less short rows then I ought to be able to knit the whole thing our of what I have. It won't be quite as wide but it'll work anyway.

Handsome Shawl StartsThe other thing (other than socks) that I'm currently working on is this - The Handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace Today. I'm using Brooks Farm yarn for this too and so far it's all good. In the background you can see a little of the ginormous ball that I'm working with right now. It's one of 2 so I've got a long way to go. I think it's gonna be great when it's done. I see myself wearing it thrown casually over my shoulders with a black wrap dress I have. I'll be wearing that dress to a wedding in 2 weeks but I'm pretty sure the shawl won't be ready in time for that. Too bad.


Carole Knits said...

I thought I heard something about Heather Mills and DWTS, too. Great knitting - you must need the breaks from Sock Madness!

Teyani said...

calorimetry (I still can't keep the spelling of that word right in my head - perhaps because it sounds so much like calorie counting to me - hah).. anyway - I think it will look lovely, even if it ends up a row or two less wide.