Feb 8, 2007

ECF - Snow Day Edition

I was outside taking pictures of the first yarn to come off my wheel the other morning and suddenly the sun caught the 2 little icicles on our birdhouse in just the right way so I quickly took a picture. Sadly, I couldn't catch the sun in the icicles but I still like the picture.

Birdhouse with Icicles

We bought this birdhouse at one of the many craft fairs that we attend a few years ago. It stands in our front yard atop a copper pipe (that matches it's copper roof) right outside our carport. In the warmer weather I often sit in the carport (it's very porch-like) and watch the kids play while I knit or read. It doesn't look like much but every year our little birdhouse has new residents.

1 comment:

Carol said...

What a nice bird house! I love to watch birdies too. We have 2 families living IN the eaves of our house. They picked out the screens in the little vents and made themselves at home. I don't have the heart to kick them out. I have too much personal experience with some not so stuff too, I guess that's why i'm always compelled to knit for others even though I'm itching to have some sweaters for me:)