Mar 27, 2007

Bloomin Silly

IMG_0792[1]I bought this yarn, along with 3 other skeins of Socks That Rock over a year ago. At the time I was all caught up in a STR frenzy but after a while I kind of got over it. It wasn't bad yarn but the colors just seemed too muted or something. Maybe I had built up unreasonable expectations. It's been sitting in my stash ever since - not really doing anything for me.

Along came Bloomin Feet and this skein, which I was not feeling the love for, seemed perfect for my pal. I put it on my swift and it became a really sweet looking yarn cake. The skein I was not so enamoured of but the yarn cake... oooo that yarn cake, I fell hard for that yarn cake. Apparently there were really good things hidden deep within that skein and the yarn cake brought them out.

IMG_0786[1]Then I needed to find the perfect pattern for this very attractive yarn so I pulled out stitch books, perused my stash of patterns and, again, went for a former love. Here There Be Dragons! I had seen Theresa working on the pattern and watched her blog anxiously awaiting the release of the pattern but when it became available - eh, not so much. I don't know why but suddenly I didn't need it quite as much as I did before it was available.

Well, I have started working on it and I'm in love. The pattern, the yarn - it's all perfect. It's even perfect together. The only things that kill me are... a) that it's not for me and... b) that I didn't appreciate it before.

I'm just a little beyond the heel on the first sock now. (I'd hoped to be done with the first sock by now.) I have to say that it may be my best short row heel to date. The only thing I don't love is the way the top of this sock rolls. If only I hadn't missed Theresa's note about doing a few garter rows to avoid the roll. Sheesh!

IMG_0788[1]But look at this heel. How cool is it that the pattern continues down just perfectly? I think that makes up for the rolling. I'll try to do a little blocking after I wash these and maybe that will coax the roll out of these socks.

I want these socks!

BTW - I dropped off the paperwork last night so I will not be whining about GS Cookies any more - except for those that find their way to my hips. Why, oh why must they do that?


Julie said...

I've always wanted to knit the "Here there be dragons" sock. These are going to be gorgeous. It's funny, no matter how much I dislike a particular colorway, it seems to always turn out that by the end of the knitting I've fallen for it.

knitfriendly said...

I don't know if you saw my power of reskeining post but I found it amazing that a skein can look so different when it is either wound up or reskeined. Mama E said in her dye class that she finds that her yarn sells better if it is reskeined. I have always been surprised that BMFA doesn't reskein them. They really do look different all wound up. :)

Margene said...

You sound like me! The antication of a pattern or sock yarn is so much more enjoyable than having said yarn and patttern. STR is always better when knit. Nice work on the sock.

Carole Knits said...

I totally agree that the yarn and pattern are a perfect combination. Gosh, I hope they are for ME!

Krista said...

Beautiful! I love the color!

CursingMama said...

C is for cookie thats no good for me,
C is for cookie thats no good for me,
C is for cookie thats no good for me,
Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C.

Singing that song is the only think that has kept the Samoa's in their box.

Carol said...

Great yarn, great sock! Spring is in the air :)

Melissa said...

Wow!! That is gorgeous!! The yarn, the pattern, everything.
Girl Scout cookies...yummy. I've already worked my way through a pack of Samoas.

Anonymous said...

The socks are gorgeous! And the heel - perfection.

It's amazing how fast those cookies find their way to our hips, isn't it?

clothesknit said...

The only GS cookies allowed in my house are Thin Mints. And I eat them all immediately just to get them outa my site and get rid of the temptation!

Your sock is fabulous! I absolutely love the pattern detailing on the heel!

Emily said...

I covet them!! Those are beautiful!

Miss T said...

Ooh, beautiful!

Teyani said...

crossing my fingers that these are MINE!
Gorgeous, despite the roll... I promise I'd never ever complain :-)

Donna said...

They're looking wonderful - I really love that heel!