Mar 7, 2007

Snow on My Handspun

Most evenings this is the view that I see on my way home.

Sunset 3/2/07

Driving into the sunset is a great diversion from the traffic in Northern Virginia. I can't tell you how many times I watch the colors change as I navigate the traffic with my camera at the ready but, by the time I finally stop at a light, the show in the sky is over and I put my camera away. Tonight my normal 45 minute commute stretched to over an hour and a half. Nothing can make a ride like that any more pleasant. I spent most of it on a road a little over a mile from my house. I could have walked home faster at that point. The problem - a late season snow storm which blanketed our area with white and caused extreme icing on our roads. Cars spun out everywhere. I was so relieved to finally arrive home in one piece.

The snow was nasty to drive in but taking pictures was another story. Look at this.
Blue yarn in snow

This may look familiar because it's the second half of the fiber (obtained from the Barefoot Spinner at Mudfest) which I spun when my wheel first arrived. The color makes it really hard to photograph but this is much more even than the first batch. There are little nubby bits in the yarn which I didn't notice much last time because it was all much thicker and very uneven. This time you can clearly see and feel them. I will definitely knit this up soon. It will be one of 2 patterns. I thought that it would be Argosy but then, today, the new Knitty came out and I saw this. I've forgotten the yardage in this skein but I think it's enough. I could even dip into the first skein if I need more. Hooray!

Wanna hear more good news? I picked a pattern for my Bloomin' Socks. I got the pattern for Here There Be Dragons Socks and I think it'll be perfect for the yarn and my pal. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out since I've wanted to do that pattern for so long. I remember watching Theresa working on them and waiting patiently (not really) for her to offer the pattern. I started working on them tonight and I'll tell you all about them soon.


Margene said...

Pretty pictures! Love the handspun with snow.;-)

Allison said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me that I want to do that sock pattern too!
I finally cast on my Blooming Feet socks this weekend... I'm definitely not one of the early finishers, that's for sure!

Felicia said...

Beautiful sky and boy do I know just what mean about trying to photgraphy them. I'm rarely quick enough.

knitfriendly said...

Both of those pictures are gorgous. I love the color of your handspun. I have not stopped thinking of spinning since I bought my wheel. I just am so in LOVE with it! :) I know that you will understand better than anyone! :)

Carole Knits said...

Pretty handspun in the snow! I picked a pattern for my BF pal this week, too.

Teyani said...

either scarf pattern would look dynamite in your handspun. Have a blast knitting it up.
and I love Theresa's pattern Here there be dragons - can't wait to see it knit up with your yarn.

Carol said...

Your yarn in the snow looks so nice! I have the same problem with wanting to take photos on my way home from work too, but I head east, so the beauty is always in my rearview mirror.