Mar 6, 2007

Process and Priorities

Sea FinnI was dyeing again last weekend. The more dyeing I do the more I want to do. It's fun to see what the colors will do and if they'll play nicely together. Translating the ideas in my head to reality is a fabulous challenge.

As I've said, I really want to try lot's of different fibers so this time I dyed up a little Finn. These greenish tones are very much my colors. Now I need to decide what to spin up next - this Finn or the Targhee I bought recently. It's a tough decision.

SM YarnAnother thing that I dyed recently was a boatload of yarn for Sock Madness. These skeins will all be prizes. I posted them on the Sock Madness blog the other day and now I'll share them with you. The one in the top right is Spring, followed by Indian Corn, Splash and Hokie Harvest.

I have to say that I'm a little amazed. I had hoped that the players in my little tournament would have the same outlook on knitting that I do. I really love learning new techniques and I feel like any pattern that exposes me to something new has value and is worth trying. I guess I'm a bit of a process knitter. Anyway, I was hoping that the promise of new patterns would be the main draw for our players but I really wasn't sure. Then, on Monday, I posted information on some of the prizes available and the response really surprised me. Our Sock Madness knitters were unanimous in saying that the prizes are nice but that they're in it for the patterns and the experience. How cool is that? Talk about having ones priorities straight. In a weird way this makes me so proud.


Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you're proud of us. ;-)

skhpottery said...

Shoot, I think that we're all in it for the fun and none of expect to win! I know I'm going to try really hard, but it's a long way to the finish. I've got to get some real work done sometime in the next three months.

Margene said...

It's going to be fun to watch this event...much more fun than basketball!

Teyani said...

your fiber dyeing looks awesome :-)
I still have to take a bunch of time to figure out how it will look spun up.