Mar 26, 2007

Cookie Crumbs

Blue Skies and BudsI just uploaded a bunch of pictures I took this weekend to flickr and, as I look at them, I noticed that they’re all flowers and blue skies – no knitting at all. I suppose that says a lot about my weekend. There were several things weighing heavily on my mind to the point where knitting or spinning became impossible. I tried but nothing was really working for me. I just ran from place to place, dropping kids off, picking kids up, and doing errands. Peppered throughout there was Advil – lots and lots of Advil.

Sock Madness was pretty active this weekend and I was trying very hard to keep up with the finishers. It’s funny because we chose easier patterns for the first rounds so that even the relative novices would be able to enjoy themselves and so that everyone could ease into things a bit. I still think that it was the right choice but it has made things a little crazy for me because these early rounds have moved super-fast. It’s a challenge to keep up. I hope that as the patterns get more challenging, it will take a little longer for rounds to finish.

I was single parenting this weekend and, as I told Krista, that always leaves me feeling somewhat empowered. I’m happy that I don’t have to do it often but it’s nice to know that I can. I fed the girls reasonably healthy meals, got them where they had to be (mostly on time) and even managed to straighten up a bit around the house. Amazingly, nothing blew up. Hooray!

Blue Skies and Buds 2The girls and I had a lovely evening on Saturday night. We went out for dinner, ice cream and a movie. We saw Dream Girls at the second run theater right near my house. What a great movie. Jennifer Hudson was amazing. You could see the emotions passing across her face and her singing – OMG! The girls loved the movie and want the soundtrack now. I suspect that 2 things will happen really soon – they’ll get a copy of the soundtrack and they’ll play it ‘till I’m sick of it.

This would’ve been such a great weekend if it weren’t for the stress of finishing the Girl Scout Cookie sale that was at the back of my mind all weekend. It really accounted for the lion's share of the stress. I could’ve been done with it by Friday or early Saturday but one parent was holding me up. This person promised to have their money to me by Thursday but didn’t. They also didn’t have the courtesy to call and give me their truly lame excuse. Because of this person, who didn’t give me their money until yesterday, I am hurrying at the last minute, today, to get all the paperwork finished and wrap this up and hand my paperwork in on time. This is what gave me a migraine last night and what had me so stressed that fiber didn’t even help. I suppose that I’d feel better if I just told her what I think of her but that’s really not my style. I'm very non-confrontational. Instead I’ll hand my paperwork in tonight and finally feel happy, knowing that I’m never, ever doing this again. Hooray!

Just don’t try to get between me and Charlotte tonight. We have a long overdue date with a Magic Carpet.


Carole Knits said...

More sympathy on the girl scout cookies. Maybe it will help to know that your situation isn't unique.
As for Sock Madness, geez, I hope it slows down, too but I don't think it will! I was killing myself to finish!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Of course you did more than fine being a single parent this weekend! What were you worried about? :-)

It has been a blast watching Sock Madness from the sidelines, but I can see where it is a little crazy behind the scenes as well.

Krista said...

It's been the most amazing week weather-wise. Love the blooming trees.