Mar 14, 2007

An Early 80

Spring LunchToday was a gorgeous day here - unreasonably, unseasonably gorgeous. I heard it hit 80! It was the kind of day where the sun beckons but you hesitate to go outside for lunch because you know just how hard it will be to go back inside.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and step outside. This was my lunch. A salad, iced tea, wifi and fresh air. Does it get any better than that? It was glorious! I sat and surfed and enjoyed the my lunch while I people watched. Can you see me reflected on my laptop screen? I did manage to tear myself away and go back to my desk but the sun had gone to my head and I wasn't fabulously productive. Oh well.

This week has been kind of a trying one for me because hubbo had a radiation treatment on Tuesday. Radiation! Just the thought of it freaks me out. It's part of the treatment for Thyroid Cancer. Yes, I can say it now - Cancer. Stinkerbelle doesn't know that's what her daddy has but the Drama Queen does. I told her Tuesday night. I didn't plan on it but she was discussing someone else with the same disease and it just seemed like the right moment. She dealt with it just fine. Naturally, she wanted to know why we didn't tell her up front. I told her that the word Cancer is scary, even for adults, and that we felt she needed to be able to see that her daddy was ok before she heard it. Amazingly, she understood and she's ok with it. I am so thankful for that.

By this weekend we'll be doing just fine because hubbo will no longer be dangerously radioactive but, for now, he's living in the basement - away from us. He can't be anywhere near us so I'm all things to everyone. Ugh! I'm so not a morning person. Getting us all up and out of the house each day has been quite the job but the girls are a huge help. The kicker is that next Wednesday he leaves for a golf trip with his buddies so it's all me again. Fun, fun, fun.

Blue Green FinnIs it any wonder that I needed a little quality time with Charlotte tonight? This is what we did. You may recognize this as the Finn that I dyed recently. My spinning still leaves much to be desired but it's finer and more even than in the past. There's still a little thick and thing but not nearly as much. I love the results of my dye job too. Stink-o says that she wishes they were a little darker but I like them. They're very spring-like. I'm just having a hard time getting the feel for the fiber. I think that the drafting is the issue.


Carole Knits said...

I didn't realize that someone having radiation is actually dangerous to other people. Just another challenge to overcome, I suppose. I hope things are greatly improved really soon.

knitfriendly said...

I know that everyone is their own worst critic, but I think that your spinning looks awesome! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I will keep him and your family in my prayers. You are a very strong woman.

Margene said...

I hope your DH is doing well and able to live a long and happy life! Your spinning looks great and the colors you dyed are very, very nice!!

Teyani said...

I didn't know about the danger to others from radiation treatment, either. Yikes.
I hope that he fairs well throughout the entire process. A family member of mine went through this, and they are fine now. You are in our thoughts during this scarey time.
Good for you taking a break with a delightful lunch in the warmth.
Finn is a very different fiber to spin (at least it was for me) It looks lovely.