Mar 20, 2007

Wake Me When It's Over

I really wish I had more exciting things to say today but my life right now is consumed with a few things:

• Finishing off the Girl Scout cookie sale for Stinkerbelle’s troop. I’ve already told them that this is the very last year that I do it. You’d think that it would get easier after so many years but there is always one parent who makes you want to throw things. Not to worry – next week at this time it should be mostly over. I can hand over all of the records I’ve kept and breathe a huge sigh of relief.
• Keeping up with Sock Madness. This is, for the most part, a thing that makes me smile. I know that I’ve mentioned it before but it’s so gratifying to see it running exactly the way I hoped it would. You should see the discussion going on. There is such a sense of community and support for one another. Even so, there is a lot of work required to keep it moving along well. I’m still working on test knitting socks (believe it or not) and trying to eliminate any ambiguity in the patterns. There is more prize yarn to dye and, oh yeah, I need to start giving stuff away. Hmmm.
• Planning for Spring Break. We’re not going anywhere this year but we still need to figure out plans for the girls. How can it be this time of year again?
• Preparing for the Passover holiday. I really love holidays but this one makes me a little nuts with the huge amount of planning it involves. There are people to invite, meals to plan, cooking to do, food to buy, dishes to change. Ugh!

Is it any wonder that I accidentally bought a little fiber yesterday? Actually I had been pondering 2 fiber purchases for quite a while. I’d go to the sites, look for a while - considering all the fiber and color choices, decide what to buy, and then stop just short of placing the order.

The other day, after I finished spinning the Finn (plied and hung last night) I looked at my stash - trying to decide what to spin next. It was a hard choice. I’m still doing my pre-MDS&W fiber survey. I already tried Finn and Romney and I didn’t want to do more of that. I have a little Coopworth and Blue Faced Leicester but I want to dye them first. I pulled out a little bit of Merino (which I have spun before) and I think that’s what I’ll go with but I realized that I really ought to try Superwash Merino before MDS&W. Assuming that quite a bit of fiber will follow me home from MDS&W, and that much of it will be superwash – I really ought to try it ahead of time. Right? (see how I can rationalize nearly anything?) Well, ignoring the nasty surprise that is our tax bill this year (let’s not speak of that) I went back to the 2 sites I’ve been stalking and let my fingers do the walking. As soon as it arrives I promise to share it with you.

BTW-I watched Dancing With the Stars last night and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Paulina still looks fab and I think she's very funny. You have to applaud John Ratzenberger too, for stepping in a the the last minute with grace and good humor. I just hope that Heather Mills goes home quickly. I really dislike her quite a lot. I just don't find anything appealing about her.


Carole Knits said...

I feel your pain on the cookie thing. At least it's only ONE parent that makes you want to throw things! But really - how hard is it to follow simple instructions?

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'm so glad Sock Madness is running as you had hoped. I peak in on the Flickr group every now and then.

With everything you have going on, I think you deserve the fiber :-) It actually makes a lot of sense to try out the superwash too. I like working with superwash and don't find it too difficult, but I know others do. I can't wait to see which colors you chose.

CursingMama said...

Do you know what I find odd - Christians like me don't get too excited about Passover even though we should. Ah well it is what it is.

I have other things to say - DWTS! Last night I had to vote for Joey Fatone & my daughter was all goo-goo over Apollo. We totally stiffed the girls. I hope Heather goes home too - but first Billy Rae has to go.