Mar 18, 2007

A Weekend in Pictures

It got cold again here this weekend. Friday night it was raining and sleeting and gross. The rest of the weekend was bright and sunny but still bitter cold. Look at these icicles clinging to the shrubs in front of my house. Pretty, right? They would be if they weren't evidence of failing gutters. Uh oh!

Icy Mop

This is much better. It's the start of my Bloomin Feet socks. Sorry for the washed out picture - it was taken outside in the sun. I worked on them a lot this weekend. I'll have more on them later this week. Maybe even a finished sock - or two. That's a little wishful thinking for you.

Bloomin' Sock Sprouts

Here's something else cool. I finished spinning the Finn. I'm gonna let it rest a little before I ply it together. It looks ok here but I know there are some really icky parts. Never-the-less, I think it'll be knittable and that's the point.

Finn Singles

I rounded out the fiber play with lot's of laundry catch-up, straightening around the house, and a party at my neighbors where I caught up on all of the local gossip. I found out which neighbors received use of a dumpster as a wedding gift. Yep, that's right, a dumpster! Apparently this house (which is hidden from my view by another) was inhabited by a bachelor who is a bit of a packrat. Upon his recent marriage, a friend sent a dumpster over to encourage him to make room for his bride. It was filled in a day! Yikes!

Not a bad weekend over all.


Carole Knits said...

I love those Bloomin' Feet socks. And your spinning is very very nice with great springy colors.

CursingMama said...

Love the dumpster story ;)

Sad news about the gutters - you wouldn't be able to stick your head in the sand and say that it simply rained so much that they overflowed would you?

Margene said...

Nice socks! Your pal will love them and your spinning looks great. What will it grow up to be?

Melissa said...

A dumpster? Seriously?
The sock pattern is gorgeous

Krista said...

It is cold again isn't it?! It was 22 when I took my daughter to school today! I just love to see your spinning.

Teyani said...

Bloomin Feet socks are fabulouso!
and your spinning looks great - I think Finn is hard to spin.
funny about the dumpster - perhaps the bride to be should take note?

Julie said...

The socks are just gorgeous!

Phoebe said...

Great job on your Here There Be Dragons! Fitting colorway for Bloomin' Feet.

Allison said...

Oooh, I adore the colors you chose for your BF socks. And that reminds me to buy that pattern- I've been meaning to since I saw someone in the last exchange knitting it!

Madame Purl said...

Very nice socks!!!