Mar 4, 2007

Romney Redeemed

This weekend was full of fiber. I spun, I dyed and I knit but not all on the same project.

Grapefruit wool/silk

Grapefruit Romney 2I started off by finishing the grapefruit Romney. Here it is in the afternoon light (above) and in my dining room (right). I took the photos in both places so that I could be sure that I was representing the colors right. Look at how close the color in the silk matches the color of the wool. To me, they blend so nicely, soft and smooth. It looks like they were dyed together instead of separately a few weeks apart. The color still reminds me of a grapefruit but without the bite.

The color may make me happy but the spinning is still a bit off. I think that I worry so much about over spinning and kinking up the yarn that I tend to under-spin. I need to learn a bit more control and get a better feel for the fiber. With that in mind I spun up the rest of the blue/purple fiber I got from the Barefoot Spinner on Friday night. It's not perfect either but it's much better. It's all plied up and drying in my basement. I'll share it with you later this week.

Early Spring FlowersLook what I found while I was taking pictures outside -crocuses! They were such a nice surprise. Saturday was warm and I was able to walk outside in short sleeves but Sunday was windy and bitter cold again. On such a wintry day it was nice to see a little reminder that Spring is near.


Carole Knits said...

Your yarn is pretty and don't those crocus make me smile!

knitfriendly said...

I love those two colors together. Great job! :) Can you come to spinning night tonight at Springwater? I'll be there! :)

Margene said...

Pretty spinning!
We're a week or two from crocus flowers...but I can't wait!

clothesknit said...

very pretty! the two fibers came together so well!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Your yarn looks fantastic! I like the silk ply in there as it makes the yarn almost appear beaded :-)

Teyani said...

your yarn turned out fabulous!
Looks like perhaps a shawl ? or maybe a wide scarf? something with a bit of lace to show off all that amazing color.
Great job!