Mar 29, 2007

ECF - Cheating Edition

Here's very pretty orchid for Eye Candy Friday.


NurserySadly, it's not mine and I feel like such a cheater. The girls and I made a spur of the moment visit to a local nursery last Sunday and, naturally, I felt compelled to take a few pictures. Wouldn't you? Look at all of that gorgeous green!

Anyway, I didn't go there expressly to take pictures for the blog but it really feels a little like taking the easy way out to take ECF pictures at a nursery full of beautiful flowers. It's a little like hunting at the zoo (not that I would). I'll take it though. I certainly earned it. The girls each "needed" plants for the window sills in their rooms. Neither of them has a particularly green thumb but I'm always ready to believe that this time they'll take better care and, perhaps these plants will live a long and productive life. Yeah right! I also found a few items to add to the landscaping around out house. It really wasn't a lot but - oh boy does that bill add up. I plan on planting it all this weekend and then I can share my purchases in their new homes.

Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

The orchids are gorgeous. And the only way it would be cheating would be if you didn't take the picture - but you did - so it's all good.

Carol said...

If the purpose of ECF is to make us drool, you've done a great job! It does cost to pretty up the house with plants! Have fun!

Melissa said...

Not cheating at all.
I love orchids!!