Dec 9, 2009


I finished my NaKniSweMo project right on time which ought to make it a huge win. Well, it is and it isn't.
The pattern is 28Thirty by Sarah & Rachel for Zephyr Style. I used a bit less than 5 skeins of Peace Fleece in a gorgeous color called Baltic Sea. After quite polling nearly everyone I know and trying to reason with DQ I finally acquiesced and used the buttons DQ liked better - the oak leaf looking ones. On the inside I used plain black buttons to hide the mess I usualy create when attaching buttons. All this stuff is fine and yet I doubt this sweater will get much use. Why?


It itches. The Peace Fleece was perfectly lovely to knit with and it looks great. Nice and even with loads of body. I had heard that the yarn bloomed nicely after a wash and it did but it's still itchy. I told DQ that she can wear it with long sleeves and she may but she loves to layer short sleeves under sweaters or hoodies and this is not a sweater to be worn over short sleeves. What to do? Soak it again. Wash it on the gentle cycle. I don't know but it's worth thinking about because there is a lot to like about the sweater.


The pattern was really well written and clear and I followed it exactly. My only problem with the pattern as written is the sleeve length which is about a repeat too long. I like the way the garter ridges define he raglan sleeves and the bit of texture at the cuffs and hem. All good things. I think that the collar is a nifty and versatile feature. Wear it up or down. I even like the cropped length. DQ says it's not exactly what she expected it would be but I think it's a fun and young sweater and I hope that she comes to love it.


micah_gideon said...

I really like that sweater - it's too bad it itches. By the way, you should know that I still wear the gloves you made me while I was in Korea four years ago. They are in great shape and still fit nicely.

jess said...

it looks great!

definitely wash it in some hair conditioner or something -- it really softens up quite a bit the more it is washed. That said, with the mohair content of the Peace Fleece, there's always some itch potential. Hope it gets soft enough for DQ to wear!

Carole Knits said...

I've knit a few peace fleece sweaters and they do itch at first but I have found that they soften up nicely. I love it because it doesn't pill!

Sarah said...

It is so cute!

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful; I really hope that it softens up a bit so it will be enjoyed!

Laurie said...

That IS beautiful. I would think it is worth wearing over long sleeves. THank goodness Carole has peace fleece experience.