Dec 23, 2009

Snow and Stuff

Just in case you're wondering exactly how inept snow removal in the Commonwealth is, I can assure you that the roads by us are still lousy. I took this picture on Sunday but it hasn't changed much. The pavement in the foreground is my street. The street is driveable as long as you don't plan to park along it. The plows never really got anywhere near the curbs.


Beyond my street is a side street that's kind of clear but not really. That's pretty representative. You slip and slide and avoid the mounds of snow that appear out of nowhere. Good times!

Each day I go to work and there are a few less people on the streets and on the Metro. You'd think that with all the time lately I'd be getting a lot of knitting done. Wrong! Online scrabble is becoming an obsession. I may need a 12-step program. Last night in the car with the family I started counting out how many letters this word or that word has and making mental notes. My family is becoming a little worried.

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Carole Knits said...

Our roads are still a bit messy but they are improving.