Dec 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Hand Knits from 2009

As of this writing there is no Ten on Tuesday Topic so Carole suggested one. She is crazy good at that. Here are my Ten Favorite Hand Knits from 2009

1. It seems like ages ago that I started my year crocheting kippot. No, it's not technically a knit but these were the project that I am proudest of. I set a goal, planned the project out and executed perfectly to add a little special something to my girl's big day. Win!


2. When I knit these I called them "Socks He Can't Refuse." They were for my grandfather who always professes that there is nothing he needs. It turns out that he needed these and didn't even know it. He uses a foot brace and wears these socks under it each night when he goes to bed. He says it's more comfortable that way. Even better - he has pulled the socks out every time I visit to tell me again how much he loves the colors in them.


3. Last year I made a scarf just like this one for my brother and Bruce watched jealously while I worked on it. I've never seen him want a hand knit so much so I had to make one for him. He loves it!


4. These are the Eclipse socks I made for DQ. I had never tried over stitching before and I wasn't sure how it would hold up but it worked out really well. My Twilight loving girl has worn them many times, including to the midninght showing of New Moon, and they still look great.


5. Apparently DQ was the big winner in the knit department this year. I made 28Thirty for her as my NaKniSweMo project and I was shocked that I managed to complete it within the month of November. No, she isn't wearing it yet much but that will change. This sweater deserves a bit of love.


6. This beret was made for a good friend who's had a really bad year. I hoped that a bit of Malabrigo silky wool would give her a bit of comfort and it has.


7. I made this little dress for my niece. I love the design choices I made. I love the way the yarn feels. I love just about everything about this dress and was proud to have created it.


8. Simple stripes - simply perfect. I cannot believe that I got them to match so well.


9. It was such a relief to have this off the needles after years of picking it up and putting it down. I call it "That Damn Vest" because it was such a slog but it deserves better because the finished product is perfect. It fits just right and the mistake rib that was so boring to knit looks great on. Hooray for finishing!


10. These may just look like a simple pair of fingerless gloves, the potato chips of knitting, but they're much more than that. They represent the fulfillment of one of my goals for 2009. I knit so darn many pairs of fingerless gloves that I'm always looking for the perfect pattern and nothing ever seems quite right. I've said before that I was just going to create one of my own but I never do. This time I did... and I wrote it down so that the glove could become a pair. Better yet, when I was done I cleaned up my notes and I hope to put it on Ravelry soon as a free download. As my girl would say - WIN!



Carole Knits said...

Great recap of your favorite hand knits!

Anonymous said...

Your crocheted kippot definitely belong in this list; that was an awesome project! Great list of faves.

micah_gideon said...

I still love that scarf - and so does Mattie!

By the way, those socks are super-cool!

Sarah said...

This is a lovely trip down memory lane, Hillary!